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Milano Inn Indianapolis

It has been suggested that this would be a possible place for a casual rehearsal dinner. (The groom's(my son) father knows the owners. I looked at their website....Americano Italiano as I call it.

At this point I am becoming okay with whatever as I live out of state and am at the mercy of others. As long as it is relatively decent and a fair value we can go with that. Tough for me as I have lived in Boston and New York where American Style Italian is quite good even if different than true Italian. Yes, I have been to Italy!! Yes, I cook true Italian at home!

Any input??

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  1. I think you will be disappointed. The Italian in this area is not what those of us from the esat are used to. I find it too heavily sugared and sweet. I once ordered a calzone in a place in Bloomington and gagged with the first bite. The ricotta cheese had been heavily sugared. Milano has been around a long time and many people love it and it is a bit of a tradition with them. We went once a number of years ago and decided it was just not for us.

    1. I have to agree. I have not lived on the east coast or been to Italy but I have always found them to be disappointing.

      This is one of those long standing institutions that have a great nostalgia factor for many people who have lived here.

      1. At the risk of piling on, what the others have said is pretty much spot-on. I'm not an expert on Italian food but even I know that Milano isn't very good. A chef friend of mine got a kick out of the creativity of the kitchen, though. He was dining there with some friends and the dish he ordered called for capers. Well apparently they had run out so they substituted peas. Both are round and green, right? Makes sense to me!

        Both Milano Inn and Iaria's, a block south across the parking lot, have been around for a long time and are surviving on the nostolgia factor.

        Given the reason that you'll be there you probably won't even notice the food.

        The one thing that I'll never forgive the owners of the Milano Inn for is covering up the beautiful hundred-plus year-old brick on the facade of the building with that crappy stucco-covered styrofoam faux Italiano abomination.

        1. I, like all the other posters, think that you could do much better. Keep looking.

          1. Avoid Milano Inn at all costs, their sauces (be it white or red) have absolutely no flavor whatsover and the consistency of wallpaper paste. But at their lunch buffet, you can eat all the goo you want! It is VERY popular with the locals, probably because of the great volume of food you can eat.
            You could try Bertolini's or Bucca di Beppo, although they are chains, are pretty good American Style Italian.

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              yea try a good downtown chain restauraunt. The soup and sauces come in a bag. Thats WONDERFUL!! Try a restaurant that support the local economy and is doing its best to survive in a city that allows any chain s*** that can afford the lease to be in the line of traffic. Try locals like Amalfi, Amici's, or Mama Corolla's they are all very good. Amalfi is the best if you want to spend some cash. Don't settle for something you can get in any city around the country (Chain Restaurants).

            2. uhh.... well... only if you have to because your son's father knows the owners.

              It is a long standing institution and a lot of people love it. If you need to stay downtown you might want to consider Amici. It's a small "Italian" restaurant on New York St.

              Amalfi is much better IMO. It's on the northwest side of Indy.

              Whatever you decide - let us know what you think!

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                I think the service at Milano and the stuffed mushrooms beat anything Iaria's can offer...

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                  Wow, I checked out the menu at this place and looks 100% PRETENTIOUS. I understand the whole American nature of Italian cuisine here in Indy, but this menu reeks SYSCO adorned with this homemade sauce that they feature to 'save' everything. This menu is way too large for me to even want to imagine who's in there every day 'cooking' this frozen-packaged stuff.

                  FOODISART---please!!! Save yourself and go anywhere else to get mediocre food. The Milano Inn tries way too hard to mask her cloyingly, artificial flavors with a generic sense of nostalgia and the never ending, popular trend which defines our city too often: THE ALL U CAN EAT BUFFET!!!

                  1. re: napolean

                    What place did you check the menu of?

                    1. re: Cookiefiend

                      Milano Inn.

                      I guess I'm tired of restaurants in Indy providing a 10 page menu just to appease "everyone." But seriously, how fresh or homemade can this stuff be. It's just another place, whether the food is somewhat tasty, to go for comfortable atmosphere. A blackened chicken wrap at an Italian place? How dumbed down do you want this community to be? I guess business is business.

                      Milano Inn
                      231 S College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

                      1. re: napolean

                        Thanks for clearing that up!

                        I thought you were refering to Amici's menu, which is pretty small, especially compared to Milano's.

                        And what IS a blackened chicken wrap doing at an 'Italian' place?
                        <shaking my head> Beats the heck outta me.

                        Amici's Restaurant
                        1872 State Road 175, Richfield, WI 53076