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Jun 20, 2007 07:13 AM

Where can I get tilapia?

I'm looking for a load of tilapia, farmed, organic if possible--I'm making fish tacos for a crowd.
Any suggestions for where I could get good tilapia, preferably either in the downtown/Riverdale or Hwy 7and Woodbine areas.

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  1. I am not sure about organic, but T&T has fresh tilapia (whole not fillets) there is also a grocery store on Kennedy just north of 14th ave called First Choice if you approach them ahead of time they may be willing to offer you a slight bulk discount.

    1. Hi there,
      As I understand it all tilapia is farmed. It is widely available at Loblaws (though I'd never by fish there) as well as at Pisces Seafood on Yonge near the Rosedale liquor store. Whole Foods Hazelton lanes has it too and I often buy the huge bags of flash frozen tilapia filets at Costo and they are wonderful.

      1. Bayview north of Hwy 7 has a big chinese grocery store that should sell live Tilapia. Usually cheaper at the Chinese places. Too bad there's no big Chinese grocery store in Hwy 7/Woodbine area (it would do great business).

        1. city fish at dufferin & lawrence had organic tilapia once a couple of months ago (it was the first time i had seen it) but i i haven't seen it there since...i would call them and see if they can get it for you again....also, costco carries tilapia...i buy it there frequently and it is fresh.

          1. I always buy my tilapia at Mike's in the St. Lawrence Market and it has always been good and fresh. No "fishiness".

            One time only, they offered me "organic" tilapia, for a little bit more. I bought it and it was good, but I can't say I could have distinguished between the organic and the regular in a blind taste test. I've not seen it since, but then again, I haven't really looked that hard.

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              We've bought fresh tilapia from the fish counter at No Frills before..