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Jun 20, 2007 07:05 AM

Bad experience at Scalino

After reading the posts about Scalino (7th Ave. and 10th Street in Park Slope), I was excited to try it. But I have to say, I won't be going back, mostly thanks to the less than gracious service.

It took about 15 minutes for someone to pay any attention to our table - we sat there with an unopened bottle of wine and no water. Then they brought water and two people at the table said at the same time - this water smells really funny. I think it was the ice - it had a really strong chemical sort of smell and was not something you'd want to drink. We called the server (the owner, I believe) over and told him. His reaction was to pick up each glass, sniff it and declare very authoritatively "No, this does not smell at all" He pretty much slammed the glasses back down on the table and left. Is this a way to treat customers at a new restaurant?! We explained that this wasn't just one person who thought it smelled bad, it was everyone at the table. He finally came back with one glass of water with no ice (smelled fine), and - inexplicably - three glasses with the smelly ice again!

Anyway, enough about water. On to the food. There was a dish listed on the menu of beans with sausage. I asked if they could do the beans without the meat and he said yes. But when I got them, it was clear that they either just picked the sausage out, or perhaps the beans themselves were cooked with pancetta or something - they smelled super porky. When I asked about it, once again I got incredible defensiveness and a denial that they beans contained meat. But there is no question in my mind. Believe me, after not eating meat for two years I know pork when I smell it!

To add insult to injury, one of our dishes never showed up. When I noticed that they had charged us for it, I let them know we never got it. His response was "Are you sure"? Um.... yeah, I think I'd remember eating a whole dish that I ordered!

So. This place gets a big thumbs down from me.

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  1. Please stay away. This place is a joke. The meatballs were inedible and someone must explain to them how to serve sausage. Whether in pasta or in beans, you cannot serve sausage in the casing. Simple recipe suggestions, take sausage out of the casing and cook. That is 101 in Italian cooking. I have never eaten at the Olive Garden, but my, I have to believe that you would get a better meal than at Scalino. My wife had the penne and rapini and it was a loser. The pasta was not well seasoned and I would not describe the texture al al was more on the raw side. Buffalo Mozz is a speciality. You cannot just serve any kind of mozz and call it buffalo.

    The Slope has one true Italian winner and that is Al di la. The only other place I would suggest after Al Di la is Spirito. This is a new place on 9th and they seem to have their act together. The location is suspect, but the food is a winner.

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      Good, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who found this place to be extraordinarily disappointing (and in my case, infuriating).

      1. re: cdog

        "The only other place I would suggest is Spirito. This is a new place on 9th and they seem to have their act together. The location is suspect, but the food is a winner."

        would this be the "lounge" now known as "aji"?LOL
        the place "time out new york" not only recommended, but REDIRECTED you to the next door mcdonalds?LOL

        a wonder why the doors closed so quickly...???

        1. re: TBird

          i've given up on guessing why scalino continues to draw folks. what did timeout say about scalino...i think they may have mentioned something
          here it goes: This Park Slope Italian spot is notable for austere decor (only a few picture frames dot the walls) and snotty service (our waiter mocked us when we didn’t finish a flavorless appetizer of white beans and sausage). Only entrées proved redemptive: Tender lamb shank came with savory lentils, and excellent pastas hailing from Gotham noodle mecca Raffetto’s included a pappardelle in a tasty tomato cream with cubes of smoked bacon. Pass over desserts, like rock-hard balls of ice cream in thick chocolate shells.

          gee..let me run out and grab a bite. i would say that 50 to 70 percent of the menu comes out of a can or out of the freezer..they aint making fresh pasta. buy it from somone else, freeze it and just make it to order...a trained monkey could be the head chef at that place

          by the way tbird, i ate at perbacco, in the east village, a place owned by one of the guys involved at spirito....give it a try and let me know what you think...

      2. The original comment has been removed