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Jun 20, 2007 06:58 AM

dessert? where to go?

I'll be embarking my 2nd trip to NYC so I started doing a bit of research on more places to eat (went to LES tour suggested by RGR, tried out few izakaya places and drank LOTS of hot chocolates the first time in NYC). Since I always have an insane craving for sugar, I'm aiming for some good dessert places. Due to the time constraint, I will only have time to visit one, or MAX two places (if they're not too far apart). I was reading today's NY Times and stumbled upon the article on pastry chefs offering interesting food ideas. I'll be around the SOHO area and I do noticed that all 3 shops are not far away from each other (except P*ong). Any takes on the following places? ups and lows?

P*ong, Chikalicious, Graffiti

ps. I can't find the website for Graffiti, can anyone help?

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  1. L'Angelo on Houston is a small cozy Italian cafe/bar - they make a mean Tiramisu, one of the best I've tried.

    1. When is your trip? Depending on when it is, Tailor, Sam Mason's place, may be open by then.

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      1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

        July 14th, I couldn't find anything on Tailor when I read the article.

      2. RUN to Kee's chocolates at 80 Thompson st.

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          wholheartedly second Kee's. She's recently started making macarons, can't wait to try them...
          Graffiti, like Tailor is not yet open.

        2. 2nding Kee's. Also in Soho: Balthazar Bakery, Ceci-Cela, Vosges (so-so truffles but good hot chocolate, chocolate bars), frozen yogurt at Bloomingdale's, more pastries and desserts at Caffe Falai. Also there is a Pinkberry opening up there soon. Skip Rice to Riches...

          Chikalicious is a bit of a walk from Soho, BTW.

          If you have time, drop in at WD-50 on the Lower East Side and do the dessert tasting. It blew my mind the last time I went. Alex Stupak, pastry chef, is very talented and innovative (he left Alinea to come cook at WD-50).

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            i'll be stopping by Kat'z for sure, WD-50 looks like a good distance from Kat'z. Tasting menu sounds delicious!!!! Anything I should try at Kee's???? Also looking for macarons in that area, LES and SOHO area, do Balthazar, Ceci-Cela, and Caffe Falai have them? Any memorable items I should try at these places?

            1. re: oohlala

              Kee's sometimes has macarons; I'd call to ask. They're not a huge thing here like cupcakes or truffles. The best (according to my friend Robyn who's lived in Paris) is at La Maison Du Chocolat, which is kinda out of the way from Soho/LES.

              Her NYC macaron hunt:

              She's known for inventive truffles. I've never had anything bad there. Her signature truffle is creme brulee.

              Ceci-Cela has quite good croissants. Balthazar's pine nut chocolate tart and fruit foccaccia are favorites of mine. And Caffe Falai is known for their Italian donuts, called bomboloni.

              1. re: kathryn

                I've had Kee's macarons a few weeks ago and I find them to be...ok. I prefer La Maison du Chocolat's over Kee's (after trying a vast amount of macarons with Robyn on that particular day).

                My post about it:


                1. re: chocokitty

                  what's the price difference for a macaron between La Maison vs. Kee's?

                  I doubt i'll have enough time to trek that far to La Maison, maybe next time. Any other shops that offer macarons around SOHO area? Jacques Torres?

                  1. re: oohlala

                    I was at La Maison this past weekend and if I remember correctly small macarons were $2 and large ones were $5. They have an adorable little sampler with their 5 anniversary flavors + a special summer flavor (lemon) which all fits in a cute box.

                    And while you're there, have some chocolate ice cream...Mmmm.

                    1. re: oohlala

                      La Maison du Chocolat is $2 for a small and a large macaron is $5. Kee's is $2.35 per macaron after taxes from what I've calculated. LMDC's macaron tastes better IMHO. Jacques Torres is the cheapest of the bunch ($1.25) and it's quite good too but they don't always have the macarons from my previous trips there.

            's my two cents on the macaron scene in NYC:

                      And this is about JT's macaron:


                      1. re: chocokitty

                        looks so good~ darn............... drooling...................

                        i guess i can only check out Kee's and JT, thanx for the recommendations, kathryn and chocokitty!

                  2. re: kathryn

                    After Kat'z, stopped by Caffe Falai for their cream filling Bomboloni (should've bought the jelly type too), amazing stuff! Had almond brioche and miniature orange danish @ Ceci-Cela and I found both to be overbaked and extremely dry, charming place though~ Soon after, stopped by Balthazar's and ordered the banana donut drizzled with assorted nuts. Great texture and flavour, but was too full to try anything chocolatey. Also stopped by Jacque Torres for their macaron! Only passionfruit was available. For the price, it was quite a bargain~ Macaron was on the sweet side, hard to distinguish the passionfruit flavour if not eaten with water. Unfortunately the place only offers one flavour. Kee's was close due to vacationing.

                    Saw this cupcake place on bleeker, across from Marc by Marc Jacobs in the westside village. There were about 40~50 people waiting outside. I forgot the name of the store on top of my head, is it really THAT good?

                      1. re: oohlala

                        Glad you were able to hit up so many places! Sorry you were disappointed by Ceci-Cela. I love their croissants so much that I rarely get anything else. Same with Jacques Torres -- I always make a beeline for the truffles and other goodies, not the macarons.

                    1. re: oohlala

                      out of the way but bouchon bakery has really good macarons. also out of the way is kyotofu, a dessert bar in hell's kitchen which serve's japanese tofu based desserts and lots of sake!

                      1. re: lanadai

                        I recently had the most amazing gelato at Otto on 8th Street. We shared Caramel, Ricotta and Lemon Lavender. FANTASTIC ALL THE WAY!!

                  3. Chicalicious has a tasting with amuse, main dessert and petit fours for $12.
                    $7 wine supplement.