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any info on peter kelly's new place...i think it was opening june 12...thanks!!!

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  1. They had a segment on it on News 12 and it was featured on the cover of Westchester Magazine this month. It looks like a beautiful place and with Peter Kelly at the helm you can expect wonderful food, the only problem is getting a reservation. Editing this to add this thread about X2O http://www.chowhound.com/topics/407692

    1. ADditionally, will someone comment on the prices. I would llike to go, but I am not sure if its in my range. Maybe with the 'rents or something.

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        All I can tell you is that in the Westchester Magazine Restaurant section it had $$$$ next to it, which is pretty much what I expected.

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          I have a friend who called for reservation and they said that they were "fully commited" for the evening but he decided to go anyway to check the place out and was eventually seated right away. So I would take a chance and go if you can't seem to get a reservation. I by the way do have a reservation ( June 30th Saturday) and will be reporting back as soon as I can.

      2. Dinner for three cost me roughly about $220.00 with drinks and dessert.
        You can eat at The Dylan Bar which houses a sushi bar and a full separate menu
        for significantly less. The food is what you would expect from Peter Kelly, sensational and the restaurant is gorgeous. There's a terrace where you can walk out and take in the views of the Hudson. The Tappan Zee on the right and the GW on the left. It's definitely worth going. By the way, forgetting how good all the food we had was, for dessert I had the Butterscotch pudding with homemade ladyfingers. I can't remember the last time I saw that on a menu and I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a dessert more. Word of advice, check the bill. There were three items (all drink related) that we did not order. That was the only downside.

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          Just got back from dinner for six at x2o. I wish I had thought to check the bill more carefully, because the service was not what I expect from a Peter Kelly restaurant. Maybe it's just too new and the kinks have to be ironed out,but the server mixed up the drink orders, did not bring the "doggie bags" and the coffee was cold. The person who took our order was well intentioned but too eager and not polished. The food ranged from good to excellent, but with one or two exceptions didn't seem highly creative or interesting. The price about $85 per person, with tip, for 3 courses and at least one drink,seemed appropriate for a restaurant of this caliber, even with the problems. I would agree that the view is quite extraordinary and that the restaurant itself is gorgeous. But I doubt that I'll return. There are too many other equivalent or better restaurants to go to, including some of Kelly's other places.

        2. I had dinner at X2O Saturday 7/7. Excellent. The food was incredible, the view was spectacular and the service was pretty good. Our waitress (?) asked for our drink order, but we wanted a minute to look at the drink menu. She never returned. She seemed to be having an off night all evening. She didn't quite seem like the caliber of staff for this class of restaurant. When our waiter (?) came to take our dinner order, we asked him if he'd take our drink order and he did, but seemed pretty put off by it. He immediately went over to the waitress and said something. Anyway, the reason for the (?) marks is because I couldn't figure out if we had a waitress or waiter all night. They both said they'd be waiting on us. It was a little confusing. All in all, the food was to die for. Peter Kelly made the rounds and stopped at each table. Very nice touch. Other than the baby crying at the next table for an hour, it was a very pleasant evening. Re checking the bill, we did...and found they left off a glass of wine & asked them to correct it. So...they, not us, would have been out $15 if we had not asked it to be fixed. And, as for the prices...dinner for 2 from soup to nuts was $150ish before tip. That's not at all $$$$ in my book. More like $$$. This is an affordable place...especially for special occassions. I did make the reservation many weeks in advance, but the place was fairly empty at 7pm, which is prime dinner hour.

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            Thanks for posting this review. I'd been wondering what the prices were like and whether I can convince my bf for us to splurge here on our anniversary.

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              What did you order? What did you particularly like?

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                Are you from Westchester or Manhattan? $75 per person sounds pretty $$$$ to me. Entrees are around $25-30 based on what I saw at the grand opening.

                BTW it would have been nice if the person who started this thread had just added to the existing H2O thread from a few weeks ago.

                Bill -- dinner at H2O next week and really looking forward to it!

              2. My husband and are were there last night and were *more* than pleased, it was a wonderful evening. The view is spectacular on all sides. As others mentioned, they seem to have sort of a "team" waitstaff concept, but it didn't really bother me. The staff was young and eager, but not unprofessional; it seems to "lighten up" the mood, definately not stuffy. I had an amazing appetizer of (from the menu, as I can't remember all the ingredients on my own): "Sashimi Salmon Belly with Salmon Pearls and Togarashi, Preserved Lemon with Dill Oil and Horseradish Froth". It absolutely melted in the mouth-- my husband had a special appetizer of barely grilled ahi tuna with a crunchy "salad" on top; he liked it, though I thought the "salad" part (more a garnish) overwhelmed the flavor of the tuna a bit, which was also crusted in sesame seeds-- For entrees we had the "Grilled Breast of Squab with Tamarind Glaze, White Corn and Cheddar Grits with Leaf Spinach" (me) and the "Mignon of Berkshire Black Hog and Grilled Bacon, Gingered Sweet Potatoes and a Rosemary and Apple Condiment" (my husband). I list the descriptions from the menu as each plate had a number of contrasting flavors and colors, and they all contribute to the meal-- my husband just wished there were more of the sweet potatoes! We both cleaned our plates and were very happy with the entrees. We each had the "black and brulee" for dessert which was terrific. With a cocktail for me and a bottle of wine, I *think* it was around $200, but my husband grabbed the check. Peter Kelly stopped by the table briefly which was a nice touch. Afterward we sat on the pier under the restaurant and gazed at the GW bridge.
                The only very slight "complaint" I had was that the entrees seemed a tiny bit "heavy" for an August night-- it was hard to "get in the mood" for some of them reading the menu. But we each ended up choosing a more or less "fall" item, and they were great. The appetizer selection is large and very appealing.

                1. We just had brunch there (five adults and a 3 year old) and although the price was reasonable ($38/person) the food was hit or miss. The shellfish soup was great, the salads were not. The steak was tasty, the cod fish wasn't. The flourless chocolate cake was so so, the flan was nothing to write home about. The best part of the meal were the sampler appetizers - shrimp tempura, tuna sushi and mushroom raviolli. Too bad we didn't have a choice about ordering those.

                  We'll probably head back (15 minutes from the UWS is worth the trip) and try Dylans sushi bar and/or the restaurant at night. If anything, the place brings much needed love to Yonkers!

                  1. Just wanted to add my own 2 cents now that I've been-- my boyfriend and I went for our anniversary and it was truly a special meal. The view is unbelievable, the service was impeccable, and the food was excellent all around. We had...
                    -cocktails (but no wine)
                    -lobster crepe
                    -short rib ravioli
                    -ahi tuna
                    -duck schnitzel
                    -black and brulee dessert
                    At a little over $150, this is definitely not a weekly spot for us, but it was absolutely perfect for our special occasion. The entree portions are enormous, and both the duck and tuna were EXCELLENT. Our favorite part was the dessert, which came on a hardened sugar pedastal. And, of course, the view. The only thing that put me off at first was that it was extremely quiet (the only res I could get when I made it many weeks ago was for 5:30-- and note that they were turning walk-ups away even at that early hour) when we first got there so we felt a little like we had to talk quietly. But once it filled up, it got a little more lively. Peter Kelly greeted every single table. I would go back in a heartbeat!

                    NB: Valet parking is $8.

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                      Actually, they validate parking so it should be free. They should have told you that.

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                        Arghhh!! I didn't even think to ask. Oh well-- we loved the meal so much that it wasn't a big deal. Thanks for the tip, though.

                    2. Four of us went there for dinner last Friday. Our reservation was for 5:30, the only time open when we called several weeks ago.

                      We each had a different appetizer, entree & dessert and all of them were terrific. Add in a cocktail & some glasses of wine & the total for 4 with tip came to $500. All of us considered it money well spent.

                      Some mentioned problems with service. This seems to be cured...with service being efficent but not stuffy. In addition to Peter being in the kitchen that night, someone that looked a lot like him (brother? cousin?) was going table to table & asking how did we enjoy our meal. He specifically asked if there was anything that we didn't enjoy while there. Must have read the earlier comments here!

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                        Probably his brother Ned, who seems to be running the place. Was he wearing a bow tie?

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                          Ned is no longer running Freelance??

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                            I don't think so, at least not during the startup phase of X2O. I know he was there the night we ate there in July, and a co-worker reported seeing him there when he ate there last week (he had been to Freelance a few times so Ned recognized him).

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                              Thanks. Now I have an excuse to get to Freelance very soon and see who is running the dining room (and most importantly, doling out those buttery walnut cookies after dinner, think I just put on a few pounds thinking about them),

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                        2. We went there for dinner last Wednesday (9/5) for our anniversary. We didn't have a reservation, but we called 45 minutes before and asked if they could get us in and they said they had just had a cancellation. When we got there, there were several empty tables.

                          Overall, the food was very good with some dishes truly sparkling. Service was fine. What bothered us was the spacing of the tables. We were a bit too close to the couple behind us, who kept talking about their 3 kids and mom even started singing a song from Hannah Montana. Seems to me they should have gone to Applebee's instead, though I suppose we should be thankful they didn't bring the 'lil darlings. Keep in mind that we were big fans of Xaviar's in Garrison, which really was magical (complete with a harp player) with inspired food, flawless service and enough space between tables.

                          I had a special appetizer of ahi tuna with mango that was good, but again, not much better than my local sushi place (which does a variation with kiwi). My husband had the ahi tuna with foam (so tired of the foam in everything). For the main, I had a striped bass with braised cauliflower that was cooked in rice paper (very good) and my husband had the soft shell crabs. They were nice enough to allow him to substitute for the grits (a favorite of his that came with another dish). With a $40 bottle of wine and a split desert, it was around $150 for dinner.

                          The dessert was definitely the best part: warm pistachio cake with a bitter chocolate sorbet. Simple but the sort of mix of tastes and textures that Kelly was known for in Garrison. I'd go back just for that! And, Ned did come by and we told him that we missed the place in Garrison.

                          Bottom line: good food that occasionally rises to great.

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                            Mooshi, I had the same experience at Xavier's in Garrison, even though it was a cavernous dining room. I found X20 excellent for brunch, but am amused to see that he hasn't let go of the pistachio cake yet.
                            At the brunch, our group found it singularly uninspired, in fact it was awful. There was another mention of it on this board with the same opinion.
                            It seems they've improved it? I wonder why they keep it on the menu, perhaps they have futures in pistachios?
                            Congers was a treat too, so I'd say Kelly is doing something right.

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                              That the tables were too close together is a legitimate complaint. That someone at a nearby table is singing is a legitimate complaint. But you really want to complain that some parents had the nerve to be discussing their children? Really? People at other tables where you can overhear are now obligated to have conversations you find interesting?

                            2. The view was incredible and food was great! The prices were ridiculous. I honestly felt that I could have gotten the same quality of food at a place like the Harvest or Underhill’s Crossing for less. Obviously you can’t beat the view and I think that is why they can charge a preposterous amount. Also felt that the service was a little stuffy at X2O, the bartender actually made us feel silly for ordering a glass of merlot (which they don't sell by the glass). If I could recommend a nice place to eat for a special occasion, X2O would not be my first choice… I would say go there for drinks and enjoy the view and eat somewhere else. The bill came to about $175 (pre-tip) for two, we had appetizers, glasses of wine and desert.

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                                JDeolive, you did not also have an entree for that price???????

                              2. Luckily, I wasn't paying, but I did make the reservation and when we got there, they had no record of it. If you make the reservation, I'd advise you to get the name of the person who takes it. The food was fine, but not as good as the Freelance Cafe, imho. We were there for lunch, luckily an early reservation, so there were plenty of tables. Best thing about it was the view-- watching the sailboats and other river traffic-- and the space between tables. We combined it with a visit to Wave Hill, which I recommend if you are returning to Manhattan via Riverdale.

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                                  Just chiming in with another positive review for Xaviar's. We've been twice--once for dinner in the main dining room and once for sushi at the bar in front. The restaurant lived up to expectations on both visits. The wine steward (Casey?) was very knowledgeable and helpful with our choices, the staff was attentive (a few were a little green, but there were obviously some real pros on staff guiding them), and the view was just gorgeous. Of obvious importance was the food, and I am pleased to say it delivered. The lamb was delicious, and the soft shell crab sushi rolls were crisp and fresh. We are so happy there is a sushi option right near the train station now, and we will definitely return. I was also impressed with the decor throughout the restaurant. The bar is chic, the bartenders are well versed in the brands and clean, sophisticated cocktails, and we really enjoyed the crowd. We moved to Yonkers a few years ago from Manhattan and we're thrilled this restaurant can now become one of our local standbys.

                                2. This place is definitely good, but not great in my book. The setting, as many have mentioned already, is stunning and a real surprise for someone who used to work in Yonkers only 4 years ago and saw none of this there. The views are almost worth the price of the meal alone, although with winter approaching they won't be as dramatic in the dark. The decor is lovely and modern. I even loved the menu covers.

                                  The appetizers were by and large excellent but of variable quality. The spaghetti with crabmeat was nice with an interesting crunchy texture and a rich parmesan-like flavor although a touch hearty for an appetizer, and the crabmeat was generous. There was a special of smoked salmon in phyllo rolls done sushi-style that was very tasty with the smoked flavor coming through in an elegant way. The spicy tuna salad was a little disappointing, with the tuna to my taste ground up excessively even for a tartare and the tropical flavors sort of bland even, like what's available in most sushi bars. The scallop appetizer was excellent, with the scallops perfectly cooked, although I guess again, not particularly original.

                                  The entrees were good but again slightly underwhelming. I had the halibut which had a dashi broth poured onto it with long beans. The fish was a touch overcooked but very fresh and vibrantly white, but because of the slight overcooking and the chunky cut, it became kind of bland and tough, although it balanced well when dipped in the in turn somewhat overly salty but tasty dashi. The diced potatoes were bland. The overall impression was that the flavors were kind of boring.

                                  Dessert was great, the ricotta tartlet was somewhat incorrectly named as it was more of a berry tartlet, but it was really tasty and even the pine nuts tasted nice on top and I don't usually like pine nuts. The mascarpone ice cream was unbelievable but sadly only a small scoop.

                                  Service started out alright, and it was nice for the owner/manager guy to also drop by. But as the room filled up, the servers literally disappeared for long stretches of time and the entrees took forever to come out. I felt a little bit like I was stuck in an episode of Hell's Kitchen, just waiting and waiting while the restaurant got backlogged behind the scenes.

                                  Little bonus items like mini-eclairs at the end and peanut brittle were a nice touch, and valet parking is free with validation. I think this place has potential to be amazing, but it just isnt quite there yet. They need to work out some kinks, and the flavors could be cranked up a notch in terms of execution and originality.

                                  1. Update - Jan 16, 2009
                                    My wife and I went last night for the first time, so here are our thoughts on a recent visit.

                                    I used 'open table' to book a reservation the day before. no problem.
                                    We had a drink at the bar before we ate. nice room with the sushi bar and I believe a completely different menu from the main dining room. Not to crowded for a Friday night, but then again, it was 7 degrees out!

                                    For dinner we were sat right next to the window facing the Hudson. Unfortunately the sun had gone down, so we were not privy to the spectacular view that so many write about, but you could still see the GW and Tappan Zee Bridges and watch the barges (and ice) float by. The room was open, warm and inviting.

                                    All of our servers were gracious, knowledgeable and not overbearing at all. They knew the cooking technique and ingredients for each dish and even the purveyors where the proteins and produce were purchased! The bus's would ask if we were both done with our plates before taking them.

                                    We started with the lobster crepe and the wild king salmon sashimi. The crepe had large pieces of perfectly cooked lobster meat and the salmon was very fresh, bright and sweet smelling.

                                    For entrees we had the Ahi Tuna and the rack of Lamb. Again, both were prepared very skillfully. The tuna was seared on the outside and deep red on the inside. The lamb was tender and moist and had that great slightly minerally taste. The sides on our plates complimented the proteins and were seasoned well. The portions were very generous but not over filling.

                                    For dessert we split the 'Black and Brulee'. Cheers to the pastry chef! Basically a flourless chocolate cake below the creme brulee accompanied by candied orange rind. I'm not a sweets fan, but this was excellent and not 'sachriney'

                                    With 3 glasses of wine the bill came to $140 before tip. We left feeling we had spent our money well and had gotten to enjoy a beautiful evening with great food.