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Jun 20, 2007 06:38 AM

Suggestions for a Carnivorous Kid's Bday?

My daughter, a passionate steak lover, turns 12 today, and had her heart set on steak at Peter Luger's...she's heard us rave about it...but alas they are booked solid. (Gee, aren't we hip Brooklynites, to have thought we could get a table just 24 hrs in advance. Sigh.) She's a restaurant-savvy kid, but I'd like to go someplace for a GREAT steak that is a little funkier/more casual than your basic Manhattan-Testosterone-Ultrasteakhouse. (My kid could probably handle the attitude in Palm, but I can't.) Any suggestions, especially in Brooklyn? I'm open to a place that isn't a "steakhouse" per se, but serves a truly great beefsteak. If the prices are $$ or $$$ instead of $$$$, so much the better. Thanks!

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  1. In Manhattan (I know, you said you'd prefer Brooklyn), she might get a kick out of Churrascaria Plataforma. It's a Brazilian steakhouse where they come around with skewers of various kinds of meats, and you eat until you can eat no more. there's one in Tribeca that's easy to get to and generally easy to get into. My kids love it.

    As for steak in Brooklyn, my son likes Carniceria on Smith Street--Argentine steak. If you have more than one steak eater in the family, Convivium serves a massive rib-eye for 2 that is very delicious.

    And, if she can wait a few days, it's usually not so hard to get a reservation for lunch at Peter Luger's on the weekends.