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Jun 20, 2007 06:30 AM


Hey CH,

I wanted to let you know that a new restaurant called Obento-Ya will be opening off SE Como Avenue. I believe that it will be opening in August and will feature a sushi bar.

When I know more or when I see an "open" sign, I'll let you know. My bus goes by it every day and I'm waiting to see if this will be a small gem or a dud.

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  1. Hey, that's a great scoop. Do you know what (if any) restaurant it is replacing?

    I noticed recently that the Village Bistro on Ford Parkway (in that little strip mall that has Von Hanson's and the wild bird store, etc.) has closed and is apparently being replaced by a cafe. I hope it, and Obento-Ya, will both be gems!


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      TDQ -- Nope - it's not replacing any restaurant. It's in the same strip as Muddsucker's Coffee - it's going to be fairly small - I'd say smaller than the average caribou? at least that is the way that it appears. I hope it'll be good.

      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        I'm adding Obento-Ya's "Places" link. Their website looks intriguing!

        Also, here's a link to the thread about the new place on Ford Parkway (Highland Cafe and Bakery) that replaced Village Bistro (since I mentioned it.)


        Obento-Ya Japanese Bistro
        1510 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

      2. For those who are wondering, SE Como Avenue refers to a street in Minneapolis.

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        1. re: Jordan

          CHer's, here is the link to the new restaurant -

          Also, note that it said that it will be open July 2007. I'm not sure about that unless they can scramble for the next few weeks -still looks pretty rough - but who knows. May the end of July.

          If you have trouble find it through the link - check out and in the bottom corner, you'll see Japanese bistro. Doesn't look bad, prices look reasonable - and not that i cannot enjoy a good meal without a good beer or wine - as the menu stands, it appears as though a liquor license has not yet been obtained; either that or the alcohol list just wasn't available for our viewing pleasure.

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          1. hey i know a very small piece of info about these people-- they've done catering and sushi platters out of a commercial kitchen for years and are probably chafing at grocery-store sushi trays by now. they finally get their own little restaurant where they can flex their skills & creativity! their menu looks great btw and i hope the venture is a big success.

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