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Ginger Salad Dressing at Edo on Spadina Road

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I had the best one of the best salad dressings I've had ever had last night. It was the ginger salad dressing at Edo in the village. Unbelievably good.

I asked them if they would give up the recipe and they laughed, as I suspected they would, but I thought I would ask anyway.

They offered to sell me some, but a tiny container was $5.95. Not so bad, but I would like to find another source if I can. Has anyone out there had it? Can I get something similar elsewhere?

I would really like to make it myself too. If anyone knows how to make it, please post some info. I think I tasted tahini in there, and maybe miso too.

I have to have more of that stuff. It would be good on anything.

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  1. The chef and owner of Mye Restaurant in Oakville also produces a ginger salad dressing/marinade that is bottled. They sell it at the restaurant (not sure of the price) and apparently it is available in some Loblaws and specialty stores under the label Mye Dressing.


    1. The original Benihana-style dressing recipe is buried somewhere in the CH home-cooking archive under "Japanese ginger dressing." Suggest you do some research.

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        That's what I'm doing. Thought I would try to get some info from C'Hound at the same time as I dig deeper myself. Thanks for the the suggestion.

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          There's a facsimile of the Benihana recipe in the CH archive--that's where I found it.

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            I found it too. It appears that the ginger dressing at Edo is different from the Benihana recipe, although I haven't made it yet. First, the Edo dressing is thin, smooth, and creamy. It would appear from the Benihana recipe that the dressing is thicker. Second, the dressing is off white, while the Benihana dressing would be darker, maybe an orange colour? Third, I know there is seasame in the Edo dressing, either as tahini or as sesame oil. I don't see that in the Benihana recipe.

            I'll definitely try the Benihana dressing anyway; I'm sure it will be great.

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              Don't shrink from tweeking the old-school "orange" recipe. I've dosed it with sesame oil, shichimi, ponzu, wasabi, even some chipotle on occasion. It's just there to experiment with!