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Jun 20, 2007 05:59 AM

Restaurants in West Hollywood

Hi! We're visiting Los Angeles at the end of July and staying at the LeMontrose Hotel in West Hollywood. I'd appreciate restaurant recommendations for any meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) in the area of the hotel. In addition, if there are any restaurants in any other part of the Los Angeles area (we'll have a car), I'd appreciate recommendations. We like ethnic food (Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai). Thanks so much!

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  1. We always go to Lucques when we are in L.A. Its right in the heart of West Hollywood, and its our favorite darling when it comes to restaurants. And thats coming from a New Yorker!

    Its more new American, I guess you could say, but her flavors are so exotic, it will be a very interesting, unique experience. You will definitely need reservations. Everything she creates is heavenly.

    1. In West Hollywood, I like Angeli Caffe on Melrose (Italian), Mozza is hip and good, but overpriced and hard to get into. Angeli has good food, good pizzas, a great staff, and a wonderful atmosphere with good prices.

      Avoid Sweet Lady jane for dessert. The staff is rude and the cakes are not really tasty at all.

      If you head along Melrose or Sunset or Wilshire east to Fairfax, you can drive along and hit a few good palces. mani's Bakery has great lunches and baked goods. The Original Farmer's market has a mind boggling amount of ethnic coices.
      Further down (south) Fairfax, you hit little Ethiopia and a really amazing experience. I reccomend Rahel, which is vegetarian, but probably the best tasting food on the block. Messob is good and offers meat dishes. Meals by Genet is good, but more pricey and skimpier on servings. Wherever you go there, get some sort of combo platter, so you can sample many flavors. At Rahel, I reccomend the Hudade Combo or the Special Combo.

      If you can go west to Santa Monica, there are more good places that people on here love. Musha in Santa Monica is Japanese pub food. The Lobster serves lots of fish dishes, but you're best ordering a simple lobster. Literati and Literati II are good.

      Between Santa Monica and West Hollywood, on Pico, you'll find John O' Groats-with the best pancakes and biscuits in town! Get there early!

      A pancake runner up is The Griddle, with an amazing variety of flavors of Massive PANCAKES FROM THE GODS. Not as tasty as O'Groats, but pretty good.

      IF you hit third Street in West LA, you come along some great palces. Doughboy's for breakfast, The Little Door for French/mediterranian (very romantic) and The Little NExt Door, which is the offshoot-a good place to pick up food for picnics or have a europena style breakfast.

      For Chinese, you could hit Chinatown, or make the dirve to the San Gabriel Valley. Remember, dim sum is only served from 11:30 or so till two or three in the afternoon.

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        Second the Ethiopian recs, The Griddle Cafe, Musha, and Doughboy's.

        Head down to Los Balcones de Peru on Vine.

        Nata's in Sherman Oaks for the natas.

        For korean bbq, trek to Soot Bull Jeep.

        You might also try Hungry Cat, Hatfield's, Citizen Smith.

        You're near Lucky Devils, Dakota, and 25 Degrees.

        Also nearby are Campanile, Luna Park, Providence, AOC, Jar, Opus...

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          Ooh, Lucky Devil's is great for beer, burgers and shakes.

        2. re: Diana

          I received an Almond Rocca cake for my birthday earlier this week from Sweet Lady Jane and it was absolutely delicious. Deeply chocolatey with caramelized almonds but not too sweet or too heavy. I didn't pick it up personally though so cannot attest to the customer service there.

        3. Thank you so much for all of these suggestions. They all sound wonderful!

          1. FYI Sweet Lady Jane has fantastic cupcakes - but I have no personal experience with the staff since I've only gotten them delivered. But the cupcakes are really really good! A thousand times better than Sprinkles in my opinion.

            Add Toast (3rd Street & Harper) to the list of great breakfast/brunch/lunch places. Service is sweet and the food is great and fresh. I recommend you go there for a weekday breakfast or lunch. Definitely avoid it on the weekends when it is a madhouse with an hour wait.

            For great and inexpensive sushi, there is Hirozen Sushi (Beverly Blvd & Orlando). Make a reservation to sit at the chef's bar/counter.

            For great east coast style pizza and other Italian dishes, go to Vito's on La Cienega - in the corner of a mini mall just south of Santa Monica Blvd. Casual place, great pizza, and the nicest people.

            For a fantastic burger, go to Father's Office in Santa Monica. Nationally reviewed/raved about burgers. Casual bar atmosphere. Try to go on the early side (when they open, around 4pm/5pm) to avoid the crowds. Later in the evening a line actually forms outside.

            For great Italian, I recommend Via Veneto (Santa Monica) or Tanino (Westwood).

            Note that there is not a lot you will be able to walk to easily. Most recommendations are at least a mile away from your hotel, and you are kind of uphill from them too. Avoid the Sunset Strip area for food - there isn't much good up there.

            1. The French Quarter, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323/654-0898
              Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Very good fresh food, reasonable prices, good service. Adjacent free parking. Beautiful dining room, big outdoor patio.