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Jun 20, 2007 05:41 AM

French Quarter--Reasonable prices

We're on a mission trip with 15 teenagers and are looking for recommendations for a place to eat dinner in the French Quarter (had a not so great dining experience there a few days ago). Any recommendations for something in the $8-12 price range? thanks much

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    1. Deja Vu--the restaurant on Conti, not the strip club on Bourbon.

      1. I recently made this suggestion on a similar thread. It's in the Quarter, nothing fancy, good food, and prices that fit your budget. Check their menu.

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          second on mena's palace. i might also suggest fiorella's, but i haven't been there post-katrina, so not really sure where it stands now. el gato negro is a pretty good new mexican place. and angeli has good pizza and burgers and has the added bonus of being open 24/7 on the weekends (closes at 4 AM on weekdays).

        2. Felix's (there's also another location on Prytania that i mentioned in the other thread) is across from Acme in the quarter, same stuff, generally less busy. There's also an African restaurant called Bennachin that's very good and quite cheap. Coop's is great, but it's a pretty smoky bar. Over on Frenchman (just outside the quarter) is Mona's, a very good, very cheap middle eastern place.

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            jazz tacos fiorella's

            both reasonable in price,