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Jun 20, 2007 03:32 AM


Wife and I going on a big road trip in July. Beginning in EL PASO, going to CARLSBAD, NM, ROSWELL, NM, SANTA FE, DURANGO, CO, MOAB, UT. GRAND JUNCTION, CO., and ending up in DENVER . I am looking for good eats along the way. Also, is Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch worth the trip?
Thank you very much.


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  1. I can't believe there are no good places to eat between El Paso and Denver! Does this mean I should change my plans?

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    1. re: ptcandy

      Yes, don't start (or end) in El Paso. Just kidding.

      I'm assuming you're not looking for fine dining recs right off the highway or you'll be disappointed. (Well, that's not completely true when you make it through ski resort country. There are a slew of places now in Edwards, for example, so you don't necessarily have to stop off in Aspen.)

      Grand Junction/Fruita:
      Pablo's Pizza -
      Il Bistro Italiano
      Fruita Brewing Co. has inoffensive though unremarkable pub food, although I was last there in '05.
      Open Table shows a place open now in GJ called 626 on Rood (Modern American Cuisine and Wine Bar) that sounds intriguing, but I haven't been & the website isn't functional.

      Ken & Sue's

      Search this board and others for Denver and Boulder or post more specifically about the type of food you're looking for (Mexican, burgers, etc.).

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        Is there anything in El Paso worth staying overnight for? Ever hear of Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Faybens?

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          ken and sue's was a winner!

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            626 on Rood does sound intriguing from its description - however, don't waste your time. The food is mediocre and way overpriced and the service is atrocious. I thought it sounded like it might be good too, but I was sorely disappointed.

        2. In Denver you can't beat Mizuna.

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          1. re: Kingman

            Yes, you can. Sort of. Mizuna's sous chef left and opened the excellent Fruition. :)

            Bonanno's joint still has TK's mac and cheese though:
            Now you've gone and made me drool on my keyboard.