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Jun 20, 2007 12:54 AM

gonpachi review as of 060107

just went to gonpachi with my girl because i found out that nobu (not matsuhisa) is the head chef over there and i was really disappointed!!! been eating nobu's sushi since i was a kid and he was so friendly and cool, but dont know what happened....he seems kind of uptight and his sushi didnt have the 'umph' that made him what he was. well cant blame him, he works for some super dupper giant restaurant chain from japan and he prob. has some accountant telling him how to do his job and how much to charge. well the decor of gonpachi is quite spectacular!!! must in the latimes that they spent 30 mil or something. im seriously telling you, you SHOULD at least ONCE, go to gonpachi for the 'cool' factor, but DONT expect serious food. if you wanna impress someone whose not into serious sushi, TAKE HER TO GONPACHI. it will def. get increase your 'culture' factor!!! well thats my two cents!! lots of luck to nobu!!

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