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Jun 20, 2007 12:46 AM

Marin taco trucks y mas - La Pablanita in downtown San Rafael?

More good stuff reading those taco truck links. I was thinking that I never saw a taco truck in Marin. This article which discusses taco trucks in Napa, Sonoma and Marin says there are only six in Marin County.

The only one the writer has spotted was La Pablanita ... Belvedere and Bellam.

Anyone tried this truck or tried any other taco trucks in the area? Spotted any taco trucks?

Anyway, this is a good article that does some detail on a few trucks.

It even talks about someone who researched taco trucks for his thesis on makeshift urbanism.

"The thing about taco trucks is their speed," he says. "The failure of urban planning is that it's slow. But taco trucks--as a system, as a network--are a way to instantaneously deploy street life."

Yountville and St. Helena have already banned catering trucks altogether. He gives tips for eight trucks in Napa and Sonoma, including Tacos Michoacan which got a mention in The Wall Street Journal for its 'sumptuous carne enchilada"

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  1. I've seen only one taco truck in Marin, in the San Rafael Canal District. It was several blocks north of Bellam, by a little commercial complex. Sometimes it's sitting there, sometimes not. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.

    1. I too have been curious about the lack of "taco" trucks in Marin County. Especially compared to Sonoma and Napa counties and the City. We have no shortage of Hispanic population.

      1. I tried the truck that comes up to the dump in San Rafael behind Wendy's about a year ago and was not impressed. I recently saw another one parked outside the Smart and Final in San Rafael, again near Wendy's, but by the time I did my shop it had packed up and gone. That was about 10:30 am and the one and only time I have seen it. I'm always eager to try them so if anyone has a schedule, please post it, thanks.