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Just how is Knott's fried chicken?

It's the biggest fried chicken restaurant in the U.S.....

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  1. its SOOOO good, i am in pasadena, and i remember my parents used to drive the family just to get the chicken. yummie.......

      1. Before I turned to the dark side (vegetarianism), I took my 2 neices (ages 10 and 13) and we were all pretty disappointed. We found it odd that all 3 dishes (different menu items) pretty much tasted the same and that the plates were plastic. The only outstanding item was the boysenberry sherbert. The deaf waitstaff was pretty hilarious too.

        1. It depends.

          If you're coming from the point of view of mama's home-fried chicken with greens 'n black-eyed peas, it's pretty terrible.

          If you're coming from the point of view of a theme park and its overprocessed, never-quite-warm-enough food, it's fantastic.

          Let's leave it that I make a trip very, very occasionally to go -- but I only live 10 minutes away.

          1. I ask for dark meat only and I think it's pretty good. I like it with a side of gravy.

            1. When I went there for the first time 15 years ago, I didn't understand why it was a big deal. The chicken is okay; definitely not a destination restaurant for me. However, for my in-laws, they go every other time that they're in town. It's nostalgia for them. That combined with reasonable prices (for seniors), is incentive to go...and I go just to go along.

              Since I'm there, I order the chicken dinner which comes w/soup or salad, a side or two and a pie. The chicken is tender and greasy.

              1. I used to love this place when I was a kid. So not the same now. I used to love the chicken and dumplings, now it's like something out of a can. The only reason to go are the hot-from-the-oven little biscuits that are still connected together with butter and Knott's jelly. Boysenberry punch also great, but you can get the syrup at the souvenir store and make it at home yourself. A little gin or vodka and that's a great drink...

                1. Thanks for asking as your question brought back a lot of good memories. I havent been in over ten years but from what I remember the chicken is not that meaty but I love the smell and flavor of the batter. The main draw for me was always the tiny pull-apart biscuits, steaming with butter and Knott's boysenberry jam! It may be a nostalgia thing for me but I would happily return.

                  1. The chicken is OK...the last time we went the breast pieces were really moist and tasty...the family mainly goes for the biscuits and boysenberry jam...they are really good...and I like the rhubarb appetizer as well!

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                      I haven't been to the original Knott's in a LLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time, but my sister and I went out to the Mrs. Knott's in Moreno Valley (till, I guess, it closed down). It had the same chicken and biscuits. I loved the chicken and dumplings - tender and tasty (and hard to find!.) And the biscuits, as others here have said, are very tasty, especially with that boysenberry jam. Yum.

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                        Knott's fried chicken is pretty good, the boysenberry pie, heated with ice cream even better.

                        Was in Kansas City last month and went to Stroud's, based on chowhound reviews. The chicken at Stroud's was horrible. There was no seasoning in the breading and the chicken was fatty and tasteless.

                        Knott's wins hands down.

                    2. It is very good. Also have those fresh little biscuits with Boysenberry Jam and the most simple, yet best, cabbage in the world. The line to that place can get crazy but there is a take-out just a few doors from the main restaurant. Even the take-out can get a long line but worth the wait. Sometimes you can get lucky and find an open table at the end of the side walk going away from the restaurant or just head over to the larger food court area with your bucket of chicken and find a table. Those outside tables are just beyond the entrance to the main restaruant and then turn right. In summer it may be nicer outside anyway.

                      1. I think that it's gone down hill since Knott's was bought out.

                        1. I like Knott's fried chicken quite a bit. The flavor of the batter is tasty, and as folks have mentioned the biscuits are delish. The other sides, not so much. I certainly don't drive from LA for it, but if you're in the area, or if you're in the park it's worth a stop.

                          1. It's awful, a greasy tasteless mess. The first few times I tried it, a long time ago, I didn't like it. Several months ago, I went back, just to see if maybe I missed something. I didn't. It's still bad.