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Jun 19, 2007 10:18 PM

Any opinions on Coral Reef in Atwater?

On Glendale, in Atwater Village, that is. Chinese food, that is.

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  1. Just awful - truly out of yesterday in the worst kind of way! Oily/greasy shine to much of the food.
    Go to Canele across the street for good food in that neighborhood, or Indochine for ok food just west of it

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    1. re: carter

      Yeah, I have to agree, I don't think it even qualifies as "good awful."

        1. re: carter

          Linked here, you can see that Song Xie is the owner of Coral Reef, yet she is also listed as a director of ABC Seafood in Chinatown -

          anyone know any more about that connection, or is it just suspicions confirmed that both are bad.
          I tried to talk to her regardling selling the place, but she said they "were doing fine!"

        2. I can't figure out how that place has stayed open. In the 4 years i've been hanging/living in Atwater, i never see anybody in there! I tried it. I don't need to again. so sad.

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          1. re: bunbun

            And it's been there a lot longer than four years. Opened up in the mid-1980s, was replaced a couple of years later by a half decent place called Imperial Seafood, then mysteriously returned for its inexplicably long run.