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Jun 19, 2007 10:08 PM

Cheap and Houndworthy in Westlake Village?

Starting a new job next week at Guitar Center Corporate HQ at Lindero Canyon and Thousand Oaks Blvd. Looking for the inexpensive, houndworthy, non-chain options around there. I know there's lots of pricey stuff and chains, but I'm on a budget. Any ideas?

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  1. Congrats on the gig. What will you be doing for GC? I'm the guy who demonstrated MIDI to the public for the first time back in 1983 when I worked for Roland.

    As far as being on point, not sure of the proximity, but you need to get to know Brent's Deli. Their main location is in Northridge, but they have an outpost in WV. SoCal's best deli by far...

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      It's a copywriting gig. We surely must have met somewhere along the line, as I spent several years working for Tim Ryan at Midiman and 9 years working for Marcus Ryle at Line 6.

      I know Brent's, but it is a little on the high side for regular lunches at my current budget. I know the choices around Kanan (Italia Deli in the mall at Kanan and T.O. Blvd is great, but always crowded)

    2. Brent's is pretty close at Townsgate and Westlake Blvd, though it's not particularly cheap if you're a big eater. I can make one sandwich into two meals, so it isn't so bad.

      The Costco is really near to you, but the deli is inside so you'll need a membership to get the $1.50 hot dog and soda deal.

      For Chinese I like either Lakeview Garden Chinese (4697 Lakeview Canyon Rd.) or the Chinese restaurant next to Western Bagel (in the same plaza as the Trader Joe's near the Westlake/TO Blvd intersection). The latter one has an all chinese menu that's pretty good if you know some Chinese.

      Pookie's has good Thai in the Water Court (860 Hampshire).

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      1. re: the donut

        How is Pookie's? My friend & I have been thinking of checking it out, but we've been so disappointed in area Thai joints (i.e., "Exotic" Thai) that we're a little hesitant to go.

        Also, if you've got the time to drive up to Lindero & Kanan, there's Pita the Great. I haven't been there for a while, but I remember liking it when I went.

        Nobody's mentioned Lamppost Pizza...I'm surpised. That's some good pie...

        1. re: sunnygordy

          I actually prefer the pizza place in Thousand Oaks near Best Buy and Mimi's (Stuft Pizza) but maybe that's because they have a bunch of Padres and Chargers paraphernalia hanging (the owner's from SD).

          1. re: sunnygordy

            Pookies is the best Thai in the area. She can get pretty busy and then the service is slow, but at least it's always friendly.
            On a side note, her Chicken Noodle Soup is the closest to Pho Ga you can get out here.

            1. re: sunnygordy

              I like Pookie's Westlake Thai, when GF lived out that way it was a regular stop. As nearly all of her customers are farang, ya have to talk to Pookie and explain what you want. They make a killer Beef Noodle Soup that is not on the menu, long ago I made it clear that I wanted real Thai flavor - that I like lots of heat, fish sauce, tamarind etc. Pookie and her cook came through!

          2. Bristol Farms -- take T.O. Blvd. west about a mile and it will be on your left -- has very good sushi.

            1. I don't know whether the price is right for you, but I've enjoyed the food at Galletto, which is Brazilian-Italian on Westlake Blvd. south of the 101.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Went there today for lunch, and I admit we didn't order correctly. [DU - thanks for the rec. My guest has worked in the area for 3 years and never been there.]

                They have a wonderful menu of various specials including salads, meats, fish and various preparations of same.

                I wasn't too hungry, so I ordered the chicken empanadas and the Salada de Betarraba (both from the regular, not the specials menu). Unfortunately, I focused on the other ingredients in the salad and didn't realize this was a beet salad. Like *all beets*. There were a couple of canned artichoke quarters and cocktail onions in there for garnish, but this is a plate of beets, canned beets. It was fine for what it was, but I won't order it again. To me, beets are garnish, not the other way around (okay, I love borcht...).

                Anyway, the empanadas were okay. Nothing special, but a good respite from the beets. This is outstanding bar food. Unfortunately I was there for lunch.

                There was a nice looking and large salad delivered to my dining companion that had two squares of feta sitting on top. She asked me to try it to confirm her thinking that it was too spicy. She was right. This salad had way too much cumin. If I can identify the spice, it's too much. The cumin was overwhelming.

                The service was good, the food was fine. We just ordered incorrectly. When I'm back in the area, I will go back to this place and order from the specials menu. This place seems to have their game together. There's something on the menu that's killer. I just didn't find it today.

              2. I lived in the area for years. Here were my go-to inexpensive spots.

                My favorite place to eat in TO/Westlake is Crown and Anchor, a pub on the corner of Skyline and TO Blvd (just west of Hampshire). Great great English pub all around, with a fair selection of beers on draught, lots of traditional pub faire as well the usual American bar food. They make a really good pizza and fish taco, for what it's worth.

                Across the street is a smokehouse which isn't bad for a quick Polish sausage dog.

                Next to the 24Hr Fitness there's a Mongolian BBQ place which isn't bad either but gets enormously crowded as being one of the few Asian-esque options in the area. (The other decent one being Mandarin Express on Agoura and Kanan next to IHOP).

                Just north of Kanan and TO Blvd, there's a few options like Agoura Deli, Italia Deli and also Char Fasl for Persian.

                There's a Thai place on Lindero north of TO Blvd into Oak Park, where Kanan curves back around and intersects, but I don't recall the name.

                Have fun!

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                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  I work in the office building behind costco so I know most of the lunch places in the area.

                  The Thai place on Lindero is part of the Exotic Thai chain. I'ts okay for Exotic Thai. There's also one in the mall next to Mongolian BBQ but Ididn't like it.

                  Closer and more economical to you, although not truly chow worthy - but hey, it's just lunch, right? - are (all walking distance): Catch 21, Baja Fresh, Panda (ugh!), and California Crisp. There's a good and inexpensive Chinese restaurant about 1/2 mile down TO Blvd. called the Szechuan Inn. It's a short walking distance, if it's not too hot.

                  Let us know if you find any new places! Welcome to WV!

                  1. re: LesThePress

                    Hey, I work in one of the offices right behind Costco too! Which building are you in?

                    btw, what do you get at Szechuan Inn? I've been a few times and never liked it - I must be ordering the wrong thing. At China Garden Inn (at the corner of Lindero and TO, in the same minimall as TJ Maxx), they'll make a pork-and-preserved-veggie-noodle-soup if you ask them so now that's where I vote to go to when co-workers insist on Chinese out here.