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Jun 19, 2007 10:05 PM

is Katsuya worth it?

- I have heard and read different things about Katsuya in Brentwood area. is it worth the price and the hype? what is the price point?

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  1. No. For the price, you could go to much better sushi places like Kiriko, Sushi Zo and even Sasabune (not my personal favorite, but still better than Katsu-ya).

    1. horrible, if you want to be 'seen' and 'see' the 'in' crowd, GO THERE & PARK YOUR LAMB. with the valet that charges 10 bucks to park your car across the street, but if you want to eat quality sushi, def. AVOID!!

      1. Definitely not.

        Go to Asanebo in Studio City

        1. We used to be huge fans of the - I suppose - "original" Katsu-Ya here in Studio City. But after repeat incidents of waiting 30-40 minutes past our reservation time (and yes I know sushi equals serious linger for many), plus the ever increasing prices - all awash in the atmosphere of arrogance and disdain emanating from the supposed "in crowd" we no longer go there. Trust me, they don't miss our business - it is always packed when we drive by. I suppose a 12 noon business lunch will work, but not for dinner. Its a shame since we really did enjoy the food.