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Temporary date sort / subject search workaround available

It's with some excitement and a lot of trepidation that I present a little website, badly-coded, that I hacked up in response to the tremendous demand for a date sort feature. The website is just a form which searches a board on chowhound for words -- either anywhere in the message, or just in the subject, or both -- and returns date-sorted results.

I say trepidation because I'm afraid of the strain it might put on Chowhound's servers. The way my script works is to pull up to the first ten pages of results (that is, up to 200 results) from Chowhound, and then sort and present them. Thus it does NOT YIELD perfect results, but only approximately good ones.

In order to minimize the strain on Chowhound's (and my own web host's) servers, I've included a small delay in the program. This will mean that a search that yields the maximum 200 results will take around 20-25 seconds to perform. On the other hand, the results will be all on one page.

I hereby disclaim all warranties of any kind, and I reserve the right to take this down at any time for any reason -- including, and especially if the Chowhound administrators so desire.

That said, enjoy:


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  1. Thanks shivohum. Did a few quick searches and it works well.

    1. Thank you (many times over). I've just used it for a number of searches and it is wonderful.

      1. Nice job, thanks a bunch.

        1. Glad to see your post was revived after being gone for several hours today. This was a great service to CHers. Thanks!

          1. Thanks for the positive feedback so far!

            1. This is great! I think Chow.com should fire all their search developers and hire you instead - you get things done.


              1. Thanks so much. A great job and so very much appreciated.

                1. Thanks very much, it's a workaround, but it works!!

                  Kinda sad we have to venture to a site outside of chowhound just to search...

                  1. Adding my kudos and bravos!! Have the link bookmarked and will definitely be using it.
                    Again, Thank you very much!

                      1. Just wanted to add my thanks for the work-around - it made a recent road trip much easier (and tastier!).

                        1. Please bring back your search page. It works better and easier to use than cnet's

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                          1. re: RCK

                            I feel for you. The Cnet search gets a lot better if you just bookmark the search page with the options you want (the board you want to search, etc.). See http://www.chowhound.com/topics/41653... . Then just type in "title:blah" for adding words to the subject.

                            Click on the bookmark/link-bar anytime you want to search, and voila -- it's pretty decent.