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Jun 19, 2007 08:57 PM

swollen throat - what to eat?

I was diagnosed with mononucleosis a few days ago. Fortunately, I have access to a full kitchen and a family who is more than willing to help cook for me

Unfortunately, my throat is really swollen, preventing me from opening my mouth fully and swallowing completely. Also, I have found many acidic foods to irritate my throat, but dairy is more than fine. Warm foods are especially soothing. I am still hungry and have no stomach issues, but this means many of my favorite foods are simply too painful to eat. I know this is only going to last a month or so, but that's a record long time for me to go without my morning Kashi fix!

As of now, I've been mostly consuming oatmeal and pasta. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. ice cream
    pea and ham hock soup.
    pureed fruit.

    1. Pudding

      Ripe bananas



      Mashed potatoes

      PB&J with Wonder Bread

      1. Well, the obvious: cold things. Fruit popsicles, ice cream, cold milk, yogurt, smoothies.
        And then the un-obvious: hot things. Will make your throat feel cooler afterwards: hot tea, hot lemon and honey, hot water. It's true, try it.
        Loads of lysine, the amino acid. Research lysine and EBV or HSV-6. It can kick it quick, but you have a take a lot, A LOT.
        Throat lozenges like Sucrets with a little anesthesia in them.
        Vitamins A and C, especially. Also minerals.
        Carrots, other vegetables, for your eyes especially -- mononucleosis hits them pretty hard.
        Watch for signs of swollen spleen -- no vigorous exercise!
        Get a complete blood count and liver function test.
        Polenta, pasta, stewed meat braises, sushi, etc, are all good. Keep eating -- you don't want to get further weakened.
        Tons of fluids -- keep an eye on your temperature.
        More than you asked for!!

        1. Chicken soup! As well as...

          1. A liter of water per hour
          2. Sleep until the cows come home
          3. Miso soup
          4. Fish broth
          5. Creamed anything soup
          6. Egg drop soup of any kind
          7. What pg and ipse recommended upthread.

          1. Cheesy grits and eggs (actually, all egg dishes are easy eating).
            Soups both cold and hot.
            Fruit smoothies.
            Beans and rice.

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              You might consider getting a juicer to make sure you are getting enough vitamins. Apple juice could be a good base. You could try carrots with that and some leafy greens. I haven't made juice at home so I'm not sure of the proportions.