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Jun 19, 2007 08:44 PM

Good Ribs in Bucks/Montco??

Where is the best place to get REALLY good baby back ribs in Bucks or Montgomery Counties? My family has always been partial to Rib Rack in Northeast Philly and (formerly) Elkins Park. Unfortunately, not only is it a long ride from our Bucks home, but the dark atmosphere is depressing. We will still occasionally make the drive there for a "rib fix" but there has got to be an alternative. To give you an idea of what we like, we also enjoy JB Dawson's ribs and we did NOT like Sweet Lucy's in Philly. Any ideas??

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  1. Have you tried the Duck Deli on 202, right next to Del Val College? We found everything we ate there (ribs,bbq, fries etc) o be really good, and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

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      A follow-up; their prices are no longer reasonable. The "small portion" I ate last year has gone from $7.00 to $11.95. The food was okay, but not as good and on a Friday night the place was virtually empty, with no obvious take-out business either,

    2. Abner's in Jenkintown -- . Great dry rub, solid all around.

      1. I've always been a big fan of the Bridgeport Rib House. The atmosphere can be a little seedy, but I think it's part of their charm. The hot and honey BBQ sauce is out of this world!!

        1. I completely agree about Abners and Duck Deli - both are tasty. Abners is primarily take out, though they do have some tables.

          I know its not a traditional BBQ place, but Trax in Ambler has a good smoker which leads to some great BBQ. Great ribs, great BBQ chicken and a spicy slaw that goes perfectly with the smoked meat. Its more of a regular continental restaurant with a few great BBQ dishes.

          Also, this sounds strange, but there is a BBQ joint right next to the train tracks in Ambler (I think its right off of Tennis Ave). It is basically, a guy making ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, etc out on an open smoker. It is not a restaurant and does not even have a name, everyone just sems to go there on Saturdays and from (what I hear) is the best BBQ around. I have never tried it myself but I have heard from a TON of people how great it is. Ther was even a brief write up about it in Philly Mag last year. I really want to try it soon.

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            The "BBQ joint" is behind what I think is a VFW at the corner of W. Mount Pleasant Ave & Maple St, just south of the train tracks. Entrance is on Mt. Pleasant.

            This place is walking distance from my house, but we have yet to work up our courage to go. Something about the vibe is a bit intimidating when it's so crowded - we were never quite sure it wasn't a VFW function going on. :)

            My S.O. and I love the ribs at Rockbottom Brewpub in King of Prussia. They aren't really like any other ribs I've have had, and are probably not all that traditional, but very tasty nonetheless.

          2. Tasty ribs and a rough friendly atmosphere (and atmosphere is used both literally and metaphorically here - think of the aroma of roasted pork, caramelized sugar, and cigarette smoke in equal parts with a dash of cayenne and beer) can be had at the Rib House in Bridgeport PA (a town with a disproportionately large number good and reasonably priced eating places), If coming from the North take 202 through Norristown (Markley street), cross the Eisenhower Bridge over the Schuylkill go past the Rt 23 Bridgeport exit and take the next right which is a jug handle to take you across 202 to Old 202 or DeKalb St. The Rib House will be on your right sort of set down and away from the road. Shoot some pool and watch the Philly's game when you are done your ribs.