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Jun 19, 2007 08:02 PM

Wedding Cakes (500 people) in SF

I searched and browsed many wedding cake posts and saw tons of recommendations. Have to go to a dozen or more of those websites and take a look. Also posting my own wedding cake question.

Wedding in November. 500 guests, Chinese banquet style. I went to Schubert's and they quoted me around $1100.00.

Any Chowhounders out there have additional recommendations for around the same price range and quality for places in SF or close by (i.e. Oakland/Burlingame) ? Fyi..I am perfectly satisfied Schubert's quality/price ratio.


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  1. Try Safeway. They did my son's wedding cake and flowers. The cake was beautiful and tasted wonderful. I know of an upcoming wedding at the Diablo Country Club,( a very in your face fancy dancy) and they are using Safeway.

    1. I got my wedding cake at Virginia Bakery in Berkeley. It was around $600 for 350 people. It was not gourmet, it was not fancy. I thought it was kind of lame (though it was beautiful with fresh flowers, and the service was perfect), because I love fabulous cake, but the guests seemed very happy wtih it.

      1. There is no one better for a wedding cake than Sam Godfrey and his team at Perfect Endings. They did my cake and it was not only beautiful, but the best tasting cake my GUESTS had ever had. We ran out of the banana bread cake!

        Sam also does cakes for Oprah's private parties and has been featured several times in her magazine, as well.