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Jun 19, 2007 07:59 PM

Vegetarian restaurants or Veggie Friendly places?

I have a friend visiting from NY and I need some recommendations for Vegetarian restaurants or Veggie friendly places. We will be in the Harvard Sq., Copley, North End, Chinatown, Fanuiel Hall, and all the other touristy areas in Boston, so please let me know if you know of any good places in these areas. It can be any type of cuisine.. but most be good..also, affordable please. Thanks!!

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  1. I'm a vegetarian, too, and can tell you that Italian and Asian restaurants are a vegetarian's best friends. So you'll do fine anywhere in the North End or Chinatown. The Garden at the Cellar outside Harvard Sq. has some nice veggie dishes, and a bit farther afield in East Cambridge, you'd do okay at the B-Side and really well at The Helmand. I don't know what affordable means to you, though, so I've only mentioned some medium-priced spots. Others might know of some inexpensive ones.

    1. Shanghainese cuisine is a hotbed for mock meats made from a variety of gluten and tofu products. In Chinatown, I'd try New Shanghai for something more refined or Wing's Kitchen for something more homey.

      1. In Harvard there's Veggie Planet, home to veggie (and vegan) pizzas and salads. Very cheap, a little cramped, but great. I like to get takeout and sit in the square to eat.

        Chinatown is pretty veggie friendly too. Buddha's Delight is all vegan except for their bubble teas. I don't love it there, but it's good for what it is. You could also try a number of other restaurants (including Taiwan Cafe) that are quite veggie friendly.

        In the North End, everyplace will have a pasta dish that is veggie friendly. Again, not knowing what affordable means makes it harder to pin down a specific restaurant.

        1. The current Stuff @ Night has a article on vegetarian dining.

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            I think you mean the Dining issue that came out 2 weeks ago. My mind is admittedly foggy, but I don't remember veggie dining in the one that came out yesterday.

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              Oh! You're right, Joanie. The dining issue. It's got a bright yellow bell pepper on the cover. Not yesterdays. My bad. And yes, it had an article on vegetarian dining at upscale places, which included dishes at L'Espalier, UpStairs on the Square, Aujourd'hui and Radius.

          2. Your locations:
            Sultan's Kitchen (Turkish near Faneuil Hall)
            Tamarind Bay (Indian in Harvard Sq)
            Pizzeria Regina (pizza in the North End)
            Peach Farm (Cantonese in Chinatown, great veggies)

            Easily T-accessible places

            Rangzen (Tibetan in Central Sq)
            Brown Sugar Cafe I or II or the Similans (three locations of roughly the same vegetarian-friendly Thai restaurant)
            Helmand (Afghan in Kendall Sq)