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Jun 19, 2007 07:32 PM

Downtown Grocery In SanJose

I recently discovered that there is a grocery at 418 South Second Street in San Jose,
Dai-Thanh Super Market. Took a quick look around and it seems there are some real bargains here, like oysters for 49 cents each, live crabs( forget how much). Anyone been there? Comments?

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  1. Dai thanh used to be a regular market for me when it was on my route home (before I moved). I remember last year during dungeness season, live local crabs were $2-3/pound, and one time they had live alaskan king crab. I usually bought my fish, asian greens, other veggies, & fruits here; also the pre-julienned radish & carrot mix as a timesaver for banh mi and salads. And, around tet (lunar new year) this was where I'd get my supply of coconut candy and soursop (guyabano) candy.