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Jun 19, 2007 07:23 PM

Sushi hopping in Palms/Culver City

My friend and I are planning to go from sushi restaurant to sushi restaurant just trying a few of our favorites at each(Toro, Hamachi and Uni). So far, our planned route is Sushi Zo, then Hiko Sushi, then Sushi Karen and if we aren't too stuffed, Mori Sushi. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Agree/disagree with the places we're going to?

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  1. I would hop as far as Zo and never leave, the others will pale in comparison afterwards! I haven't tried Mori but the others aren't in the same league as Zo at all.

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      Or do Zo last, so you can stay there without feeling like you've abandoned your original goal. The times I've tried to go to Mori, it was closed, so I've also not tried it.

    2. check out this new place called kirala in bh.....its a bit more expensive, but def. worth it. my girlfriend and i tried the omakase and if you let them know that ur a local, they totally hook you up!! i personally like zo, but my girlfriend likes uni and she is picky and she swears to kirala's stuff