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Jun 19, 2007 07:13 PM

Mi Lindo Mexico in Freehold

Has anybody been there yet?

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  1. Wench -- is Mi Lindo the one on South Street next to the Cornerstone Cafe? I can never remember the name of that place. If so, I haven't been yet but do plan on trying it. It seems to be populated almost exclusively by the local Mexican population. The few reports I've read have been good.

    I had dinner last night at El Meson. As we were driving out of town, my wife noted that Lorenzo's was no longer there and that a Mexican restaurant had taken over the space. I didn't see the sign and therefore don't know the name of the new restaurant. I'm not sure if this is the place you're referring to?

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      hi jsfein, i was referring to the one where Lorenzo's was. It's now called Mi Lindo Mexico. I wonder if it's the same as the one on South Street, though.

    2. I had a nice meal at Mi Lindo Mexico tonight which, as indicated, is in the space previously occupied by Lorenzo's on Main Street in Freehold Boro. The restaurant has only been open one week and is still getting their "sea legs", but the important thing is that the food was interesting, good and cheap. Although a little chilly, we sat outdoors under the porch and quite a few tables were also occupied. Our server couldn't have been any friendlier and took time to explain the menu. Although I'm no authority, I would say that the food at Mi Lindo is more authentic than what El Meson is serving and more "every day eating," if that makes sense. Chips with two dipping sauces were offered -- the green sauce was very good. We started with tamales that were tasty. I ordered tacos which came with a choice of 3. I had our server choose my 3 for me and they were pastor (spicy pork), locos (chicken, pork and beef), and campechanos (chorizo, chicken, pork and beef). They also have beef tongue tacos if that's your thing. The tacos are served on two corn tortillas and minimally garnished with cilantro and some lettuce -- no gloppy cheese. The locos taco was a bit dry for my taste, but the other two tacos were really good. My wife had something called a chilaquiles which was tortilla pieces simmered in a green sauce topped with steak and sour cream. This was excellent. It took a long time (about 40 minutes) for the entrees to come out. Also, they are presently cash only but will eventually be accepting credit cards. BYOB.

      They have a sister restaurant on South Street which is mostly a take out place (its not the one next to Cornerstone Cafe, but further down South Street and on the other side).

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        Great review, jsfein. And good to know it's cash only, for now. Maybe I'll give it a try. We go to El Meson at least twice a month. I love their fajita salad.The dressing is delicious! Does the new place have nice salads on their menu?

        1. re: Pink Pepper

          I saw what I believe is the house salad ($3.95) on some tables and it looked rather boring ... iceburg, tomato, cucumber. According to the take out menu, they also offer a cactus salad, taco salad, chicken chipotle salad, and a chef salad, but no fajita salad (they do have fajitas however).

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            jsfein - I had the house salad today for lunch with a bowl of pozole. The salad while boring was nice and fresh. I enjoyed it very much with the ranch dressing they brought out.

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          Do you know what happened to Lorenzo's? Many years ago, when I lived nearby, I used to go there every Friday night. Now, we go maybe once a year. I'm surprised to hear Lorenzo closed. Did he move somewhere else?

          1. re: lggfly

            They moved to Howell, on Elton-Adelphia Road where Adelphia 73 used to be.

          2. re: jsfein

            Their sister restaurant is Mexico Lindo on South Street, and it has excellant chicken tacos and Tamales. Yes. it is authentic Mexican, not tex mex.

            1. re: shorebilly

              I'm not sure if this old news but I noticed the other day that Mi Lindo Mexico looks like it has closed. Does anyone know what happened?

              1. re: bgut1

                My guess would be too few patrons.

              2. re: shorebilly

                "Yes. it is authentic Mexican, not tex mex."

                Forgive my pedantry. We would be very lucky to find a real Tex-mex kitchen. Tex-mex *is* authentic and delicious in its own right. Texas was part of Mexico before it became on independent republic and then joined the United States. Tex-mex is a unique melding Mexican, Spanish, and northern European cuisines that developed over many generations, with the Spanish influence starting in the 16th Century.

                It seems that people in New Jersey consider Tex-mex some sort of inferior mongrel cooking. This opinion would be due to a sad lack of experience. I have never found any good Tex-mex food in New Jersey. If you ever travel to Texas, I encourage you to seek out the good places and enjoy a treat. And also get some real Texas barbecue.

                End rant. Thanks for reading. :-)

                1. re: val ann c


                  I completely agree with you about the issue of Tex-Mex cuisine.

                  As for real Texas bbq, if NJ Hounds can't make it to the Lone Star State, they can simply cross over to the other side of the Hudson and go to Hill Country. There's some seriously delicious Texas-style bbq'd brisket there. Plus, Kreutz sausages. And the beer can chicken isn't too shabby either.