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Jun 19, 2007 07:10 PM

The Cloister....Sea Island............

I see the old Cloister has reopened to the tune of $500 million. Has anyone had a chance to visit. They have 5/6 restaurants. My wife loves a grand resort with nice rooms, a great spa, a beach and good food. Thanks.

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  1. It is AMAZING!! The whole thing was completely redone. Make sure you stop by the new spa. I thought it was stunning.

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    1. re: chickstein

      I wonder if they still do the black tie bingo on Wednesday and Saturday?

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        The Cloister (especially The Lodge at the Golf Club) is as close to perfection as I have come across. The level of service is the absolute gold standard for any high end hotel

    2. If you have fond memories of the way it was, allow those to stay memories because there isn't really a scrap left that was once there. It is grand and huge and lovely, and I agree that the Lodge is a wonderous place. I hear the men's changing room is a secret "club" of cocktails, cigars and something out of the old days. My buddy who runs the place wouldn't even let me peek. The old Cloister is gone but I know they are working hard to maintain perfection. I'll hold on to my memories... they were perfection enough for me.

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        The "Old" Cloister had become just that. The last time I ate in the main dining room (about 2 years before it was torn down) the musty odor was so overpowering it affected the whole experience, It smelled like a locker room.

        But the bingo game was still going, a great throwback to the old days of my youth. It hadn't changed a bit, with all of the young boys in their seersucker suits. I made my wife and her friend who was travelling with us stop and watch it for awhile, because you just don't see that sort of thing anymore. Whenever I see the movie Dirty Dancing and how they depicted that resort in the Pocono's back in the early sixties, I think about the bingo game at the Cloister. I would bet they still have it going. I'll check it out in September

        1. re: sarge

          Sarge, I once won $100 when they called "I-22" in the "cover the board" game!
          Marriedwellfereatin, no secrets in the mens locker, just men. And buttery leather chairs the size of Volkswagens. Street shoes would have a better-than-new polish after an adventure on the "seaside 9" in the afternoon wind. A sturdy drink and a "heater" to assuage the pain as we added the scores. Splendid memories.

      2. I live on St. Simons and my parents had a place on Sea Island when I was growing up. The new hotel is drop-dead gorgeous -- no doubt about it. Unfortunately, it has none of the charm of the old hotel. It used to have such a feeling of family and tradition about it, but all of that has been sacrificed. The new beach club is set to open next month -- they're tearing down the old one to put up condos or some such. If you've never been there before, you'll love it. If you have, you'll know what I mean. If you go decide to go, the Sunday brunch at The Lodge is fabulous -- be sure to try the pistachio creme brulee (I have dreams about it)! And to Veggo, they do still have bingo (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).