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Nov 16, 2005 12:59 AM

buying turkey gravy

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For the first time ever I'm breaking tradition and not doing a whole turkey for T-Day. I'm going to just do the breast instead since that's all anyone at my table ever seems to eat, plus think of the extra oven room!

Anyway, that being the case I'll have to purchase gravy since I don't think I'll have enough drippings. What are your opinions on the best fresh "homemade" style gravy that be purchased in San Francisco?

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  1. Please keep the discussion here focused on gravy that's unique to San Francisco. If you'd like to discuss commercially available brands, please launch a new thread on the General Topics board... we're sure that thread would be of much interest this time of year!


    1. Well, if you're only having a turkey breast you probably aren't feeding 12 people and don't need a boat of gravy. I've done gravy from one breast, easy. Take some fresh herbs and a strip or two of bacon and place under the skin. Rub outter skin with butter or extra virgin with some s&p. Roast on a trivet at 375 until done. Let it rest for a bit in the roasting pan so any juices go in to the roaster.
      Add a minced shallot and a few dollups of Fatted Calf's duck demi or glace. Continue on your merry way to a world-class gravy! Or see if a Whole Foods has got some fresh Demi or related. You can surely make a nice pan gravy from one turkey breast with little help from bacon. Bacon is there to help.


      ps - Since the bacon is under the skin, it doesn't caramelize and get that strong baconny flavor. It's mild and adds a nice dimension to the gravy.

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        Prunella Trea

        Try a restaurant. I live in Berkeley. Brennan's cooks turkey every day and they sell their gravy. There are also the grocery store deli/catering depts.

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          Restaurants !!! BUYING GRAVY from restaurants.
          I'll never be without gravy again. I'll have to search out the Bay Area's Best Gravy Restaurants.


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            I think that they only have it at Thanksgiving, but Saul's, of all places, makes an excellent turkey gravy. Another thing Saul's does well ... there are a few ... Saul's actually does a nice job of a turkey take-out dinner, but it is uber-expensive.

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            You can also buy a gigantic turkey carcass for making soup the day after.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Andronico's turkey gravy is actually very good and made from scratch. Their hot deli/prepared food dept is run like a restaurant. You of course can buy some now and taste test it.