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Jun 19, 2007 06:37 PM

Report-Camillia Grill, Mandina's and Sucre

I just got back from visiting my husband's family in NO and wanted to pass along the good report on these places. We had dinner Friday night at Mandina's. Arrived about 8:45 and there was no wait. We had the turtle soup (my favorite!), oyster and artichoke soup, and shrimp remoulade to start. Tons of shrimp for the low, low price of $9.95. Great remoulade sauce, too. The oyster and artichoke soup was just o.k. Then I had the fried oyster salad, husband had soft-shell crab meuniere and fries, and we shared an order of the onion rings. Those rings were totally unnecessary, but so delicious. He really like his soft-shell crab and my salad was tasty. Lots of oysters and a good vinaigrette. So glad they're re-opened on Canal. As a side note, my SIL lives in Mandeville and they opened a Mandina's up there and it's just as crowded as this one and just as good. Saturday morning we went to Camillia Grill for breakfast and lucked out to get there just before the crowd at 9:45. By the time we left there was quite a line. I had the Mexican omelet with grits and a mocha freeze. The omelet was a last-minute decision and I'm glad I did it. The grits were awesome, of course. Husband had a mushroom and cheese omelet and chocolate freeze. MIL had a pecan waffle, grits and a chocolate freeze. It was her 72nd birthday. The waiter got the entire place, including those who were waiting, to sing a rousing "Happy Birthday." What a treat. She was thrilled. Monday afternoon we did a little shopping on Magazine St. and stopped in the newly opened Sucre for coffee and cookies. This place is so cute and the french macroons were yummy. We didn't get any, but the gelato looked beautiful in the front case.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I'm visiting NO soon and all three places sound lovely.

    1. Thanks for the report. Have not done Mandina's in decades, let alone post-Katrina. OTOH, the "nutty waffles," at CG have been a staple on nearly every trip. We're hoping to get by the "new and improved... " CG in two weeks, to see for ourselves. Though our lodge had breakfast, I expect to be able to "sneak away" for a CG hit, plus one at the Coffee Pot (nee Maxie's).


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        Sucre last night...I wish as much attention had been paid to the product as to the branding. The place looks so darn slick, and it is clearly having no trouble reeling in the customers, but I found the desserts uninspired. Fortunately, the experience was preceded by dinner at Dick and Jenny's and pre-drink and appetizer at One on Hampson street. Both very nice.