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Jun 19, 2007 06:31 PM

Quince or Boulevard?

We have 1 night's dinner yet to schedule for our yearly visit to SF. We have been to neither of these restaurants, but both keep reappearing on this board and other sources. Zuni, A19, Piperade, Delfina, Hawthorne Lane, Canteen, Plumpjack, Chez Panisse, Jeanty at Jack's, Venticello (and Regina's Chichi Beignet on its last night!) have been previous choices.

We'd like to hear what you think.

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  1. Between the two - Quince. Hands down. Boulevard is a bit overrated, and more of a power lunch place in my opinion. Don't discount Acquerello either. The service and food there is five star all the way. We were there this past Saturday evening and had one of our best meals ever, which is saying a lot!

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    1. I haven't been to Boulevard though its on my list. I will say you simply can't go wrong with Quince. Leave yourself room to eat many many pasta dishes. The atmosphere is wonderful, though the place is the choice may get made for you insofar as it may not be possible to get a table at Quince.

      1. Just went to Quince last Friday, and was blown away by their food. Have been there a couple of times over the first few years they were open and they were pretty good then, but they have really improved a lot. One of my favorite restaurants in the city now.

        I have always liked Boulevard very much, but I would recommend Quince over it based upon my experience last Friday.

        1. I agree with the others..also Quince is a very charming and more romantic IMO.

          I have not been to Venticello in years, I was wondering how it is these days. I love the location and it feels very SF to me, with the sound of the cable cars in the background. How is the food?

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            I was there last summer and had a lovely meal, including a delicious salad of pear, marscapone and proscuitto. I'm also a big fan of the panna cotta.

          2. Quince by a long shot. Been to Boulevard twice and although the decor is very Art Nouveau, the food was disappointing. Love Quince!