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Jun 19, 2007 06:01 PM

Roots in Olney

Beautiful new branch of the HoCo market opened this week. Wonderful salad bar, terrific cheese department, grass-fed local beef, Napoleon bakery baguettes, and lots more. Large, inviting layout. No in-store bakery, fishmonger, or butcher, but overall the store is definitely a "destination." Bonus: wines and microbrew beers. Don't know how they managed this in MontCo. Priced comparably with Whole Foods with comparable quality.

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  1. Glad to hear it is finally open, I've been driving by it forever waiting for it to finally be so. As to wine and beer, MoCo allows one store of a chain sell wine and beer (i.e., only one Giant or Safeway in the county can do so) Since Roots is the only store of that chain (if you can call two stores a chain) in MoCo, it can sell wine and beer. I'll be stopping by to see what they have since it is much closer than going to MOMs or Whole Paycheck.

      1. re: kolomya

        On Georgia Ave. (Rt. 97) about a mile south of Olney proper.

      2. The original is located in Calrksburg. In that same area you will find Great Sage (a vegetarian rest.), a home store (sustainable), and I believe a pet store (vegetarian foods). Anyhow, I am glad to hear that this is open, I frequent MOM and this will augment my shopping.

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        1. re: gooseterp

          The Olney location also has the pet store (It is called Barks)

          1. re: dinwiddie

            I went to Barks a couple of weeks ago - very nice pet shop. You could spend a lot there.

            But what's that old delapidated building right in front? Anyone know the story with that?

            1. re: Linda513

              That is one of the original houses from the farm that was there. The Silo restaurant used to be on the land there and it incorporated a silo from the dairy barn that became the restaurant. There used to be a sandwich shop in the old house. I do not know why it has not been torn down. I doubt the shopping center owns that particular part of the land since the house has always been there and it was very carefully fenced off when they were doing construction.

              1. re: dinwiddie

                The reason this eyesore is still there is historic preservation run amok. When the developer was getting approval for the site plans, a local group suddenly appeared and petitioned the county that the old building has historical value and needed to be preserved. I don't recall what the significance is, and no one I've asked in the area knows either. The county caved and the developer was required to keep the building.

                1. re: mike h

                  Well hopefully no one will get crushed the next time there is a big wind.

                  1. re: Linda513

                    The old building may have significance. I believe it is the remains of a colonial era tavern/inn.

                    1. re: rcooperman

                      The old building is going to become an upscale Chocolatier shop. It should be interesting to see the transformation over the next couple months.

                      Also, if you want to read more on Roots, the website is

                      1. re: blackbird81

                        We finally went to Roots in Olney today and were blown away by the selection there of vegetarian food and vegetarian prepared take out food. I used to be a vegetarian when I lived near a fantastic health food store in Towson MD when I was in college. Maybe now I can go back to that lifestyle due to the wonderful variety of prepared foods at Roots. It blows away Whole Foods in my book due to their prepared foods to go section. I'm kind of sick of Whole Foods as I go there all the time so I was looking for something different.

                        1. re: stever500

                          I agree, they have a very nice prepared food section. And to be nice to them, since they are the only Roots in MoCo, they get to sell wine. Their selection is not one that would make a fine wine nut happy (thus I dont' buy wine there) but it is respectable and reasonably priced for the County.

                          Overall, I prefer going to the WF in Silver Spring since it is much larger and I can do all my shopping there. I was not impressed with their coffee selection, everything is dark roasted and tastes somewhat burnt. However, since they are close by, at least much closer than going to WF or MOM's, I do stop in when I just need something small and am not doing my big shopping trip.