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Jun 19, 2007 05:52 PM

New Dominican place in Elsmere?

Driving through Elsmere today and noticed a new restaurant opening where the old Lara's Taco place was. Been through 5 different owners in the past 4 years, so...
Anyone familiar with it or seen it too? I'm gonna try to grab a menu when I drive by tomorrow....I'll report my findings!

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  1. I loved Lara's wonder what happened to them? The food was really good, service was just ok. Have you tried Manos Latinos? Further up the road(north) but same side of the Highway, Peruvian food. Very good.

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      Hah! I just posted earlier about that place! Yeah, really like it there, but a bit expensive since it's mostly seafood. I think Dominican may be similar in spices, but more carbs and meat rather than seafood, from my research.