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Jun 19, 2007 05:46 PM

brand new restos in t.o.?

anyone know any restaurants that are three months old or less?

my friend and i have a taste for sit down restaurants with trendy decor and delicious cuisine.

our goal is to try the newest of the new.

let us know where to go!


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  1. Colborne Lane is still pretty new. That might fit into your criteria as a trendy and delicious location.

    But I gotta ask... most restaurants require at least a few months - and sometimes a year - to iron out the creases and hit their full stride. Why focus exclusively on the new?

    1. A place that's getting decent hype for a new place is Marben on Wellington, used to be the old Nectar. If you go, please report back. I'm interested in trying it sometime soon

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        Marben's reviews have been mixed. Poor rating and review from Gina Mallet last Saturday:

        But high praise from Joanne Kates in May:

        I've been once and my 2 cents worth is that this place has potential. Much better service and vibe than the old Nectar. I ordered a few appetizers, which were uniformly good (not outstanding) but good. Like Ms. Mallet, I agree about the drink choice, I asked for the least "sweet" martini concoction they had (the bartender was absolutely insistent that I had to have one), and what I got was still cloying, but hey, there's lots of people who will love them. The place was also jammed at 7 p.m. on a Wednesday so get there early or make a reservation.

        1. re: ciaociao1

          I finally visited Marben this week after reading high praise from Joanne Kates (Globe) and Amy Pataki (TO Star). I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, although admittedly, I am likely their exact target demographic. The updated decor/ambience is an improvement from Nectar. The reincarnation has more of a retro-funky vibe to it, whereas Nectar was a bit more formal. Our server Robin was friendly and knowledgeable.

          My date and I sampled numerous fruity alcoholic concoctions (most of which are red or pink in colour). Despite his complaints that they weren't nearly "manly looking enough", we both enjoyed them. (We are not overly picky when it comes to alcohol, LOL) For an appetizer, I had the duck confit tacos - delicious, but messy...especially if you can't cram the whole thing in your mouth in one bite. My date had the pepper beef tenderloin rolls - small in size, but extremely tasty nonetheless. For mains, I feasted on the seared black cod, which was a healthy portion of buttery fish goodness. (The only complaint I have about this dish was that some parts of the cod were over-peppered.) My date thoroughly enjoyed the striploin, while I thought it was average-plus. For dessert, we shared the trio of cheesecakes, one of which was deep-fried. (What will they think of deep frying next?) A great way to end the meal.

          Total with tax and tip: $200. Overall, Marben's one of the best new restaurants I've tried in the past few months and would definitely return.