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Jun 19, 2007 05:24 PM

How to add a new topic

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'm new to Chowhound and I was looking through the posts but I couldn't see where I could add a new topic. Could anyone please help me?

Thank You

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  1. At the top of each board is a button that says "Add New Topic." Click it and you will see the text fields in whcih to type. You have to choose a board in order to post.

    1. You've already successfully added this new topic, so you're off to a good start.

      Here's the FAQ information on posting:

      How do I post a new topic to Chowhound?
      First, you have to decide which board to post to (see "Where should I post?" below). Once you decide where to post, there is an Add New Topic button on the main page for every Chowhound board. It leads to a page where you can enter the title—try to keep it short but descriptive—and the message for your new topic. You can also add photos to your post. Use the Post My Reply button to submit your topic.

      If you're already reading a message thread and want to post a new topic on the same board, click the title of the board at the top of the thread to return to the main page for that board. If you want to post a new topic to a different board, you can find the list of all boards using the Boards menu—click on the arrow to the right of the word Boards in the navigation bar.

      Where should I post?
      Chowhound's discussions are divided into different message boards— groups of topics about a specific subject or area. Restaurant reports and discussions are divided into regions, while topics that are more general interest are divided by subject. You can find the list of boards via the Boards menu—click on the arrow to the right of the word Boards in the navigation bar—or alphabetically on the home page.

      The pages for each board have more detailed descriptions about what they cover, so if you're not quite sure which board you're looking for, check out the ones that seem closest to what you want and see if your location or subject is right.

      If you're still not sure you have the right board, you can email to ask for help. You can also make your best guess at which board your post belongs on, and then once you've posted, use the Report link to flag your post for review. Leave a note that you're not sure it's in the right place, and a moderator will move it if it isn't.