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Jun 19, 2007 04:58 PM

Favorite Out-of-print cookbooks

Hey, everyone. We're trying to round up a list of the 10 best out-of-print cookbooks and we wanted to know all your opinions. Wdyt?

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  1. Sheila Hibben's American Regional Cookery. pub 1947. Never a big seller but a fascinating very sophisticated book for it's time.

    Marion Brown's Southern Cooking, Chapel Hil Press. my famiiy bible for cooking.

    1. The Gold Cookbook....Louis P.DeGouy, Master Chef. This book was on my mother's shelf when I was a child and I would read it under the covers with a flashlight!! It was rather classic in technique but also very american. I learned loads about food from this book. I use it as reference mostly. In fact, although I still have the original from my mother, which is falling apart, my son found me a second copy on e-bay and gave it to me for Christmas. It came with a lovely note from the seller and the history of it being in her family.

      1. Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking - absolutely the best!

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          AMEN !!!! Years ago, when my children were small, I purchased a set of encyclopedias for them. As a bonus a 2 volume set of Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking was included in the purchase. These cookbooks have been my main source of reference for cooking all of my married life. I treasure these two volume cookbooks !

        2. The Wise Encylopedia of Cookery, pub. 194? [can't recall off hand]. I recived it as payment for helping a lady wih her grage sell among many other old cookbooks. Its a grat reference book.

          1. Susan Costner's "Great Sandwiches". Good photos and great recipes!

            And, not sure if this is OOP but Gold & Fizdale Cookbook.