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Jun 19, 2007 04:52 PM

I need some serious help!!!

I am going to Chicago for the first time in a few weeks to visit a female friend of mine. I need help finding a place to wine and dine her and is overall impressive. I prefer that no one recommends Mexican because I live in Arizona and that would defeat my purpose of going. Although Im sure Chicago has some great Mexican restaurants. If anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated.
Than you very much

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  1. Some more information would be helpful. What's your price range? Are you particularly looking for something really hip? Is there a particular part of the city you want to be in?

    Without knowing those things, I would recommend:

    - Scylla - delicious food in a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a small house, so the dining areas are small and intimate. The restaurant is not cheap, but it isn't that expensive for the quality of the food. It;s also in a trendy part of the city, so you could go to a hip bar before or after if you care about that.
    - Boka - I haven't been there since they brought in a new chef, but by all reports the food is still wonderful contemporary American food with Italian influences. In good weather, they have a beautiful outdoor area.
    - Sola - lovely food, and good, but more laid-back service than the other two.

    None of these are the uber-expensive places (Alinea, Charlie Trotters, Tru, etc.) which are outstanding, but pricey, and can be overwhelming if you want to concentrate on each other more than the food.

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      Thank you very much for your advice. I am going to check on Boka on your recommendation. The only thing I know about Chicago is that it is in Illinois, heh. I looked at the menus of each of those restaurants you suggested and they all look amazing. I chose Boka because the menu would be more suited to her taste. I'm so glad you responded to me. Thank you once again

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      1. If you want the best view in the city go to Lincoln Park and take her to North Pond restaurant. Something hip, Avec and Blackbird. Their next to each other and maybe the 2 best spots in town. Go to Weiner circle in Lincoln park after North pond for a dog.

        1. Wine and dining a friend where you can truly share in the food experience? I highly suggest Moto, it's not romantic in terms of its setting- very very stark white, but the quality and inginuity of the food will blow your mind. It's not conservative at all though- cooking with lasers and whatnot. It realy forces you to focus your mind on the tastes though.

          1. Totally agree with North Pond, it is wonderful and romantic. And as you leave and walk down the path back to the street she will of course want that special kiss.