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Langer's #19 for $6.77

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Now that I have your attention, there is a slight catch.

First I have all the ingredients delivered to my Car so I don't have to run the gauntlet.

Order the following:

24 oz's of Semi Lean HAND SLICED Pastrami 27.00
Half Loaf Rye Bread (SLICED) 4.25
1 pt Coleslaw 4.50
6 slices Swiss Cheese 2.38
Half Pt Russian Dressing 2.50
40.63 for SIX Sandwiches= $6.77ea, plus they aren't soggy because you just made them.

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  1. WRONG!

    Surely, your labor is worth something right, russkar? :-)

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      4 oz. of meat per sandwich?
      I need more.
      Plus you'll lose a couple of ounces testing the meat before serving it.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        My Unpaid Associate (foodie friend) assembles the sandwiches to keep costs down.
        Then helps eat them along with other lucky helpers. It's like an assembly line?

      2. I do something similar by simply ordering the Pastrami plate instead of a sandwich. comes with plenty of bread, and you can make an incredible sandwich (they'll give you some russian dressing if you ask for it)

        1. I made a similar drive-by on my way to my parents house - they loved me even more when I walked in the door!

            1. re: ns1

              Got a pound of pastrami, loaf of rye, 1/4 pint cole slaw + russian dressing, 26 bucks.

            2. Are you offering to make me a sandwich? Because if you aren't, this is a very cruel post.

              1. We always order like this to go...bring it home and put it together....but we order more of everything! Left over pastrami we steam the next day or day after, and it is still excellent. Did this just last weekend, so fabulous! We get enough for several days of festing on the best pastrami on the planet!