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Jun 19, 2007 04:13 PM

Lunch spots near the Javits Center

We're going to be in New York for a week. I'm traveling with a professional chef who has all the dinners planned out (Babbo, Daniel, Bouley, Per Se, Patsy's) so it is my job to figure out the lunches. Can you recommend some low-key, fun, quick restaurants with good, simple and (dare I hope) healthy food near the Javits Center? Thanks!

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  1. Others might, but I can't. It's been my experience that the food service inside the Javits Center is neither, fun, nor quick, nor good.

    The locals might correct me, but I'm thinking lunch for you will be a short cab ride away---and that's not always practical when doing business at the Javits.

    1. The above poster is correct -- there really isn't anything inside Javits. And you'll have to go probably at least to 10th Ave., more likely 9th and 8th to find anything good. Three suggestions (somewhat close, but not all that close): Meskerem on 47th & 10th, Hallo Berlin on 10th & 44th, and John's Pizza on 44th & 8th.

      1. I personally enjoy Manganro's Hero Boy on 9th and ,I believe 39th. Great Italian food, heroes and pasta. You will love it!!!

        1. On 34th between 8th & 10th, there's a good Thai place and a great diner, Skylight or Skyline

          1. you're in food hell. grab a cab to daisy may's bbq. ten blocks or so north on 11th.

            next day, grab the same cab and scoot over to keens (legendary steak house). skip the dining room and eat in the pub room (no reservations).

            now that you have a relationship with your cabby, ask him to scoot you over to uncle nick's for decent greek food.

            follow up the next day with lunch at wonjo. decent korean place open 24 hours. upstairs you can grill your own!