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Jun 19, 2007 04:07 PM

August visit - Near Kenningston Olympia

Hoping you can all lend some good advise. We are in London from August 6-9/07. We want to have have one dinner at Maze -tried last summer but the time did not work. Are looking for other dinners in the Kenningston Olympia area (where we are staying). Enjoy all types of food but would like suggestions from ethnic (Turkish to Asian to Indian) to traditional British pubs. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!

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  1. Popeseye in Blythe Road, I think, is in that area. Wonderfully short menu of excellent steaks. And little or nothing else. Was being refurbed when I wandered past a few weeks ago but I assume now open again.

    1. You should visit Alounak - 10 Russell Gardens, W14
      Persian cuisine, simple dishes, good prices, busy, buzzy restaurant.
      Not quite as good as Mahdi in King Street, Hammersmith but closer to where you are staying.
      Mahdi is always full of Iranian families and serves heaving plates of delicious Persian dishes, grilled meats, salads, and lovely homemade desserts. No alcohol served however.
      One of my favourite London spots!

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        hey, thanks for the tip on mahdi.

        have you ever eaten at mohsen on warwick road? i find it consistently the best iranian in town.

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          Thanks for your suggestions - I will check them out. Anyone else with some good ideas?

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          Speaking of King Street, I rather like Yoshi Sushi, though some people do look down their noses at it because it's run by Koreans rather than Japanese people.

        3. The Gate in Hammersmith is great -- vegetarian, but I'm a carnivore and I love it too!

          I also like Memories of China, a bit east of Olympia on High Street Ken, as well as Ffiona's on Kensington Church Street (a neighbourhood favourite). And as alexjames said, visit the Popeseye -- it is FAB.

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            The Gate sounds fantastic - I also eat meat but I more inclined to be a vegetarian. Do you think we need reservations or can we just walk in? Ffions's also looks intestesting as well as Popeseye. We now have options!! Any others?