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Jun 19, 2007 03:44 PM

In Nashville 25-29 June...

Any recommendations breakfast, lunch and dinner? I will be staying near the center of town, but will have a car. Could use a chi-chi consult for business; but mostly I am a foodie wanting to explore the area.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. On a recent visit to Nashville, I highly enjoyed Mirror. Although we only had time for tapas, the standouts were the jerk chicken skewers and smoked trout spread. The Lychee Nut Martini was also excellent.

    2. Back in Fewbruary-April, there were apparently loads of people visiting town, and also apparently fo Vanderbilt graduation. There were some very thorough discussions about barbecue, breakfast, meat-n-three, hot chicken, brew pubs, Mexican, taco trucks, and fine dining. All told, there are about two dozen solid recommendations for food all along the price spectrum. I reviewed the to see whether they're up to date and am posting post a couple of links here to those threads. If you've got specific interests (brew pub, Thai, near Opry Mills, late night, kid-friendly) ask and you'll get loads of answers.
      Round-up of people's favorites in various categories:
      Debate about three of our great contemporary American places
      More debate on good local places
      Meat-n-three, more barbecue, and honky tonks

      1. There's an amazing NY-style deli called NOSHVILLE that I've been to for lunch and breakfast several times. Everything is delicious. Good bloody marys, too. I particularly liked the mozza ball soup and the smoked fish platter.

        1. When you say center of town, I'm assuming you mean downtown or West End area.
          Top Dinner recommendations:
          Mirror on 12 South: You can make a meal of just the tapas/small plates. Right now they have some really incredible things on the menu. They also have lots of fun, interesting drinks- my favorite being the American Beauty. Ask your waiter or waitress what kind of infusions bartender Stephanie has whipped up for the day....they are always fresh and seasonal.

          Zola on West End: Mediterranean and Spanish influences. My special occasion pick. They just came out with their new summer menu this week and it looks great. I just forwarded it to my boyfriend yesterday with a "when can we go?"

          Radius10: New American. Very hip decor, great view of Union Station. Love their Low Country Shrimp and Grits and their arugula salad. Oh, I just remembered- they do lunch now too. I've never been for lunch, but I'm sure it's just as good as dinner! They also have a great happy hour menu in the bar.

          The Yellow Porch on Thompson Lane: hidden gem. It's easy to miss....right across the street from a Wendy's. Service is always excellent and I have never had a bad meal here. Great ambience.

          Calypso Cafe on Elliston or Thompson Lane (depending on which is nearer to where you are staying)- Great healthy, delicious options. Rotisserie chicken, great salads (black bean salad with chicken) and sides (corn and black bean salad -YUM) And the prices are great!

          Bread and Company (lots of locations, I go to the one in Green Hills): Great sandwiches, salads, etc.

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            If you find yourself out towards the Nashville airport area, we really enjoyed Phat Bites, a little deli place that has an amazing pork loin and carmelized onions sandwich. They're sort of a casual offshoot of a fancier restaurant that's in an elegant old house on a hill nearby. We were there back in very early January so I can't vouch for its quality at present but if that pork sandwich is still around, I'd give it a try! Here's the website for the fancier restaurant--the deli site is under construction at the moment: .

            1. re: mjsharp

              Went last week and had that pork and onion sandwich. Holy fazoli, is it ever good! With a side of that sour cream roasted potato salad with green onions -- perfection itself.

              1. re: mjsharp

                I'm looking at a 3+ hour layover in Nashville and wondering if there's anything close enough to the Airport that could spare me from airport food. Phat Bites sounds good, is this doable or is there something else?

                1. re: TiBone

                  I'm not familiar with places to eat near the aiport, but the airport has been recently renovated a lot of local Nashville restaurants have now opened branches in the airport. If you find yourself with not enough time to leave, the food might be better than typical airport food.

                  1. re: Jennie

                    Ellendale's is one of the better close to the airport options in my opinion. Like Jennie said, there is now an o'charley's and a baja burrito in the airport along with the typical places, so tht might be your best bet.

            2. This may be too late to be of use to you, but the Tennessean's food critic listed 13 of his favorite places of all types in an article last week. Here's the link:

              We're in Nashville often and have had really good meals at Margot and Ombi, and are looking forward to trying the rest.