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Jun 19, 2007 03:37 PM

Thai town or Korean BBQ

I'm taking a couple of adventurous eaters out Saturday night and am looking for some good recommendations for Thai in Thai-town or Korean BBQ. Looking for a slightly nicer restaurant but if the food is great a hole in the wall will work as well. I have never been to Thai-town. As for Korean BBQ, while I haven't been in quite some time I was always fond of the Safety Zone. Has anyone been more recently? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. In Thai Town, my recs are for Sanamluang or Ruen Pair. Yai is another oft recommended spot but I haven't been yet. Ruen Pair will have better ambience than Sanamluang.

    If you've got adventurous eaters, I say take them to Soot Bull Jeep if they're looking for Korean BBQ.

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      For Bangkok-style food, Ruen Pair has the more authentic ingredients. Thailand Plaza has the best variety of dishes and even impressed the heck out of a Thai-born work associate of my father's when he visited Thai Town from out of state.

      If you're into the northern Thailand spicy stuff, go to a hole in the wall called "Spicy BBQ" in a minimall on Normandie and Santa Monica in East Hollywood.

      Thai Elvis at Palms Thai is definitely a sight to see, but I find their food more greasy and bland than other Thai joints.

    2. I have to second all of SauceSupreme's comments. For Thai make sure you bring a bunch of friends so you can get a lot of stuff at either Sanamluang or Ruen Pair. The duck salad, laarb, mee krob and pad see ewe are musts at Sanamluang.

      For Korean if you want something less smoky try Park's BBQ (Vermont just north of Olympic in strip mall on West side of the street). I think they have some of the best marinated short ribs and a good overall selection of other non KBBQ items. Soot Bull Jeep is always a good choice but you'll have to clean whatever you're wearing after waiting 30 - 45 minutes depending on when you go.

      1. safety zone is no more. it's now a korean sushi place.

        1. i always loved soot bull jeep but ever since my last trip a couple months ago, i feel as if the quality has gone down and the meat along with the banchan (side dishes) aren't as tasty.

          here are a couple other good korean bbq places. nice korean bbq houses are lacking for sure & the existant ones (chosun/woo lae oak) don't thrill me. the following spots are more good, authentic, and casual for Korean food:

          Corner Place Restaurant
          2819 James M Wood Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA
          Phone: (213) 487-0968

          Sa Rit Gol Korean Restaurant
          3189 W Olympic Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA
          Phone: (213) 387-0909
          Cross Street:
          Serrano Avenue

          & for a slightly more authentic Korean surrounding (& more $) I would recommend
          Dong Il Jang - 3455 W 8TH St
          Los Angeles, CA 90005-2517

          what about Palm Thai/Elvis for Thai food? They moved a couple blocks west but the food is still great.

          1. Maybe adventurous eaters would want something more adventurous than Korean barbecue. How about Chinese pigeon feet, in lieu?

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              All right, that came out wrong. Anyhoo, Palms Thai (which is very popular, blah, blah, blah...) does have Thai Elvis, which is pretty damned cool.

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                Ah, that guy already beat me to Thai Elvis. Maybe I should read these things first...