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Jun 19, 2007 03:07 PM

Grocery Outlet - Santa Rosa

Found this interesting Duque de Diano Reserve vinegar at 99 cents for 25 ml-

"The Duque de Diano Jerez sherry wine vinegar is aged approximately 25 years, while the Duque de Diano Reserve is kept in the "solera" system for some 100 years. Only a limited number of bottles are marketed each year, each with an individually numbered label. The "solera - criadera" system ensures a uniform quality." -

It's above the frozen food section (Amy's lasagne). Also noticed that the natural foods are now in both frozen section & near ethnic foods.

Also tons of Cliff Bars near candy/chips. Tuesday is a big day for stocking...many new products.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great find. Have you tried it?

    Nice to know about the day they stock up. I've wondered about that.

    This was asked a while back, with no answer. Has anyone tried the olive oils at GO?

    Skip the boxed Turning Leaf merlot ... 4 liters $3.99. It is too fruity/jammy for my tastes and the spout on the box is weird ... it is on the bottom of the box.

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      Several years ago, Petaluma GO had Stutz olive oil. I bought two cases, haven't seen any since. Most of the olive oil is no bargain...and may be rancid. If you see any really good stuff (on that rare occasion when there was an overrun), buy a bottle, go out to the paking lot, open and taste. THEN buy a case or two.

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        Hi RW- It may be made from sherry, but it's definitely wine vinegar - dark, thick (syrupy almost) and sharp. It looks like balsamic vinegar, but lacks the sweetness. I had it with arugula & red romaine salad & it stood up well. It would be too much for butter lettuce. Would probably excel with a wilted green or wilted spinach salad...yes, it would like bacon and hard-cooked eggs. :)

        It's worth the 99 cents. And maybe the trip to get it.

      2. I did the rounds this afternoon at the Oakland Grocery Outlet at Broadway and 29th Street. The floorplan has been redone and many items moved - it looks a little neater than before.

        Is it just me or is there a problem with their grocery bagging? Usually take a large a large gym bag to their stores in order to save on the use of plastic bags and the ease of handling one large container instead of a half dozen of their yellow GO bags. Most times, the bagger will just toss all the groceries into the gym without much regard as to how. Today, the bagger put a quart of buttermilk on its side at the bottom of the bag. Of course, the inevitable happened; the crush of the bottles and cans caused the buttermilk to buckle and leak over everything else in the bag. GO has great employees, friendly and helpful, and many have been in the Berkeley or Oakland stores for at least the 10 years that I have been going to them but couldn't they at least train their baggers?

        Now, on to better news from today's campaign:

        ---Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale, $2.49 for 4-12 oz.bottles, 6% alc./vol. a great price for a slightly sweet, spicy seasonal ale from England.
        links for beer reviews:
        --Giant Nature's Promise Organic Crushed Tomatoes with Basil, $.79, 28 oz. can, from Israel
        --Clif Nutrition Bars, 2 for $1
        --AnnaLisa Cannellini Beans (fagioli-white beans), approx. 6 lb. can, $1.99, product of Italy
        --Vital Vittles (Berkeley) 12 Whole Grain Bread, $1.99 for 2 lb. sliced loaf with wheat, barley, millet, oats, etc. A great hearty bread terrific for toast. They usually only have the 1.5 lb. loaves for the same $1.99 price.

        1. Thanks to the posters. I'm not good at finding things in there at all. This really helps. Keep it up, please.

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            This week they are big on Aidell's sausages and meatballs ... $2.99 ... Price at Raley's is usually $5.99 or more.

            Sausage flavors are cajun andoulle ... pork or chcken ... habenero & green chile and maple smoked bacon. Not sure what that last is all about. It looked like sausage.

            The meatballs are sun-dried tomato, chipotle and teriyaki & pineapple. A few weeks ago I tried the sun-dried tomato because I've been eyeing them at Raleys but didn't want to cough up the six bucks to see how they were. I'd say skip this flavor. They were salty ... really , really ... really ... salty. So salty that a roll with the meaballs drowned in tomato sauce couldn't cover it up. I'm reluctant to try the other varieties even at the discount becuase of the sun-dried tomato. Generous amount of little meat balls though ... about 15 - 16.

            Also in addition to the usual Horizon organic 8 oz block of cheddar ($1.69) they have Horizon organic shredded cheddar for $1.49.

            Organic honeydews were 99 cents each.

            Not organic .. not a name brand ... but large cans of Mission peaches were 2 for $1.

          2. Went by there yesterday and grabbed a bottle, but found that the price is actually 4.99

            The clerk may not have seen the 4 on the bottle you got, as it was indeed printed differently than they usually do.

            Also, the vinegar is aged only about 2 years. The info at the flamenco shop website was misleading - it was the sherry they were talking about, not the vinegar.

            Ah, but a great deal I stumbled upon, being in the local Sonoma County cheese biz, were full quarter-wheel pieces of Saint Andre triple creme for 3.99 a pound! It's usually anywhere from 12.99 up. Albeit there was a bit of spoilage right at the cut part, the cheese is otherwise just fine once you trim that off. If you love soft ripened cheese, go grab some.

            1. FYI - Went back today (Saturday) to get more Saint Andre, and found that they'd moved the vinegar to the end of the ice cream section and had re-ticketed all the remaining bottles to $4.99