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Jun 19, 2007 02:53 PM

Top 5 restaurants of the moment

Every Tuesday night, a girlfriend and I run out of ideas for dinning around town. Tonight, I am seeking the help of chowhounders to help us decide. We are known to frequent places like A16, Delphina, Zuni, Absinthe and Jardiniere. And we know we are missing places. Please help!

What are your top 5 restaurants of the moment?

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  1. A great list of places you frequent...Absinthe and Jardiniere are two of mine and my wife's favorites.

    My current 5 not including those two --
    Quince, though that will be rough last minute (but worth a call to see)
    Chenery Park in Glen Park (Tuesday is Fried Chicken night, but their menu is always fun and the service and drinks spectacular) -- Chefs formerly at Boulevard
    Gialina, also in Glen Park - great high end pizzas and amazing salads...Chef also formerly of Boulevard (and yet, I haven't eaten at Boulevard yet...have to do something about that)
    Ame...very creative food and a wonderful atmosphere
    Roti in West Portal...good Indian (or, at least, Indian food we like) in a bistro setting.

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      Not in any particular order, restricted to SF or neighboring cities:

      1. Firefly in Noe Valley. Sit at the bar, by yourself or with a friend or two, when Kraig the handsome bartender is working. He's the *best* server/bartender I've ever seen in my life. Define *best* however you want, and Kraig is still the best. If I'm opening a restaurant one day, he's my first candidate. Great food, great wine, great prices.

      2. Kiss in Japantown. A Japanese chef that can speak decent English. Relaxing clean nice atmosphere great enough to bring a date. Really nice upscale cozy Japanese tasting menu, with a stunning variety of Japanese sakes to choose from.

      3. Koi Palace in Daly City. Call ahead and reserve the seafood hot pot. Where else can you get this in the Bay Area?!

      4. Sebo in Hayes Valley. Really friendly chatty chef-owners (with fluent English) in one of the best Japanese restaurants in the entire Bay Area. The best fish. The best sakes. I just had real Kobe from Japan!

      5. Delfina in the Mission. Again best food, best wine, best prices. But on top of that, you can 5-star *knowledgeable* service usually seen only in 5-star restaurants. Too bad it's perennially crowded.


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        The chefs at Sebo aren't just fluent, they're native speakers. Can be a real education in addition to a great meal.

    2. I second Quince. Love that place! A must-try if you can get in last minute.
      I have found Range to be quite good also.

      1. Jardiniere, Zuni, and A16 are big favorites of mine. I've now lived away from SF for 6 years and I assume much has changed. I did return two years ago for a feeding - Chez Panise, French Laundry, Bouchon, Zuni, Jardiniere - all glorious, and an absolute dog of a meal at Gary Danko! So, I am seriously out of the loop when it comes to SF, except to say that if you and your friend don't mind slumming it let me recommend one the of places I most miss - Tu Lan... on 6thSt. no less. Nothing glamorous or elegant here, just incredibly fresh and flavorful Vietnamese food. In particular - the spring rolls, spicy beef salad, and the fried fish with ginger sauce - I'm salivating just writing about it. It's funny, but living now in London what I miss most are places like Tu Lan, or BBQ, or Mexican - things I can't get here. I don't miss Jardiniere or similar restaurants because Paris is just 2 hours away. Will look forward to hearing what else you've discovered. Good luck.

        1. Have you tried?
          Universal Cafe....Cynthia Morrison former chef is now at Thee Parkside-lower Potrero, on my list to try.
          Bar Crudo
          Antica Trattoria

          To Try- ones I have not but hope to soon-
          Nua in North Beach

          Seasons Steak & Seafood- Four Seasons Hotel-
          Beautiful pairings of meat and seafood.

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            Myth! How could I have neglected to mention Myth? Horrible oversight on my part. Definitely worth doing if you haven't.

            1. re: daveena

              I loved Bar Tartine when I went some time ago, glad to hear it's still working.