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Jun 19, 2007 02:46 PM

Anything like Pinkberry in Pasadena?

Seems the Pasadena location will never open, so I'm looking for any of their imitators (though I cannot remember any of their names!) in the Pasadena area. Please advise.

Clare K.

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  1. Sometimes as of late 21 Choices will have a tart yogurt as the yogurt of the day.

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    1. re: chwodown

      Actually I found one in case anyone is interested. It's called Heavenly Yogurt & Juice and it's on Lake at Del Mar, in this little British-looking mini mall thing. Really good tart yogurt, though not as many toppings as Pinkberry.

      1. re: Clare K

        Amazing, they're still there! Been at least 7 years since I was there last... and figured it had closed. On days that I can't handle the pain of going to Old Town to 21 Choices, they're a great alternative (with easy parking in the lots out back)

        I will definitely go try... I haven't been to Pinkberry yet (oh the humanity) and it really doesn't look like the Pas one is going to open decently soon.

    2. clare...there is a CE FIORE in la canada/la crescenta on foothill. we go when we don't want to trek all the way to K-town for korean. we eat almost as good korean at one of two places on foothill, go to LOTTE, the korean market, then after that spicy kimchi rice are always craving RED MANGO-type yogurt.

      3053 foothill blvd., take the 210 E, off on la crescenta bl. if you're in pas/so.pas. it's a quick hop.

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        Great, thanks! I like the one in Little good to know there's one so close.


      2. rose green on brand in glendale. it is just as good (the same) as pb.