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2007 Restaurant Week

Any idea when the 2007 Restaurant Week listing is going to come out? I know last year, the actual event dates were in August, not sure when the list will come out. I definitely want to get in first to sign up!!

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  1. Restaurant Week starts August 13th. They haven't sent out the list yet, and the restaurants aren't supposed to take resos until the announcement goes out, but a lot more places are doing more than one week

    1. Check out this link of the food bank. It says that KRLD will post the announcements late July. Enjoy!


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        1. re: teegee

          Wow - people have been making their reservations early this year! I just called Craft and all they had left on the days I could make it were 5:00 pm sittings.

          Just curious, what places are you other Chowhounds making reservations for?

          I decided on Craft and Nana this year. I've never been to either since they are normally so expensive.

          1. re: Webra1

            I am doing Nana (one of my faves) and Nove (thanks to my wife) -- can't say that I am looking all that forward to Nove -- one, because I haven't found any high quality Italian in Dallas and two, because it is a chain.

            1. re: Webra1

              I made reservations for N9NE and Nobu. Both are restaurants I probably wouldn't go to at the normal pricing. I'm hoping for a good experience!

              After reading poor reviews, i changed my Nobu reservation to Kenichi. I haven't heard much on Kenichi, so hopefully I made on OK choice there.

              Bijoux and York Street are very tempting, but I think I'd rather visit them on a non-RW occasion.

              1. re: cheryl29

                Going to Abacus & Al Biernat's this year (no I didn't do it alphabetically). Wanted to try Stephan Pyles, Craft, or Nana, but couldn't get any weekend reservations at a decent hour. I'll have to try again next year.

                1. re: donnaaries

                  Good luck with Abacus. I had one of the worst dining experiences of my life at Abacus during RW last year. We were told we would have the table for a limit of 1 1/2 hours - seemed like plenty of time. Except we were rushed out 55 minutes after being seated. And any attempt to space things out by eating at a reasonable pace resulted in them piling dishes for the next course on the table. As the parent of a small child, I'm a pretty fast eater and I don't think 10 minutes from appetizer to intermezzo would have been unreasonable - particularly given that the wine pairing arrived 5 minutes after our apps. Apparently, you get 10 minutes before they notice you, another 10 to the app and then 25 minutes to eat three courses.

                  The food was OK but dreadfully over salted.

                  1. re: dalaimama

                    So, working in a restaurant, I've "participated" in RW every year, however, I've never dined during that time. Does anyone have positive recs?

                    1. re: bnljane

                      We had a wonderful meal at Adelmo's last year (starter was rabbit with gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce that was one of the top things I ate last year).

                      Other good places are steakhouses because they usually have a very nice meal for a fraction of the cost you'd normally pay.

                      Also, everyone remember that Central Market has 4th course vouchers!

                      1. re: bnljane

                        i had a great dining experience at Mercury Grill last year...service was good and food was delicious.

                        1. re: cheryl29

                          Funny, I had dinner there with friends about two months ago, and it was absolutely sub par...Expensive and dreadful...

                          1. re: jinet12

                            I went to Mercury last year and I thought that the food was wonderful, but the service was off. Not a place you go for service I guess, but my food has always been great.

                        2. re: bnljane

                          I would highly recommend Lonesome Dove.

                          I would strongly discourage Nobu.

                          1. re: MarcusB

                            Yes, don't do Nobu. That was awful. One of the courses was ice cream.

                  2. re: Webra1

                    Just an FYI....Restaurants tend to restrict their reservations to certain times for RW diners....keeping the prime time open for regular customers. Not saying I agree with it, but they do it.

                    1. re: bnljane

                      i didn't even realize this and made my N9NE reservation for 8:30 on a monday....they called me today and told me that they are only offering the RW menu between 5:30 & 7pm. I had to reschedule for 6:30, which is highly inconvenient with my work hours, but by then all their weekend slots had been booked.

                      Why do they even bother participating if they only do it 2 hours a night?

                      1. re: cheryl29

                        They do that because they still have to make some money. I don't think they make much on a $35 3 course. Usually you have a limited menu - RW only menu, portions are smaller than regular portions, and sometimes you have to split a dessert.

                    2. re: Webra1

                      Just made reservations for Nana and York St. York St. is taking RW reservations for lunch. Their dinner openings are only for 9pm--too late for us.

                      1. re: kuidaore

                        Went to Nana last year...chef had changed. Food was good, service was at it's worst during Restaurant Week.

                        I got reservations at Craft for 7:30 on a Friday for Restaurant Week just two days ago.

                        1. re: kuidaore

                          9 would actually work for me, do you think they'd be ok with a single diner?

                  3. Did anyone go to Nana for last year's RW? How was it? I'm thinking of changing my reservation to Mercury Grill since I've heard so many good things about it. But I don't want to give up the view at Nana!

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                      We went to Nana during RW 2005. Thought the food was pretty good. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

                      1. re: tarilyn

                        I did Nana for RW 2006. It was ok. Not that impressive. I'm doing York Street, Rouge and Tucker this year.

                        1. re: simply_victoria

                          Really?! We were going to switch from York St. to Bijourx, but maybe we'll do Bijoux and York St instead of Bijoux and Nana.

                      2. We just canceled our Nana reservation for the 13th at 6pm for two.
                        We also moved our Bijoux reservation from the 14th to the 13th so 6pm on the 14th at Bijoux is available for two. Bijoux said to HURRY if you are interested in this spot.

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                        1. re: kuidaore

                          Central Market has coupons for your 4th course free during restaurant week so be sure to stop by there and pick one up before you dine. The coupons also list all of the participating restaurants with phone numbers and addresses included--pretty handy.

                          1. re: bhoward

                            i'll be coming in from out of town on business, but will be participating in this years RW. is there a list of restaurants that are participating in the 4th course voucher i could see? reservations for nana, nobu and arc & pom. or if somebody that knows could just tell me if there are vouchers for those that would be fantastic. TIA

                            1. re: ktown378

                              The complete list, including which are participating in the 4th course voucher and which are continuing past the 1st week, is at www.krld.com. Quick answer: nana and nobu aren't; arc and pom is.

                              1. re: dalcook

                                thanks! greatly appreciate the quick reply.

                                1. re: dalcook

                                  So, looks like I missed the boat here. I was out of town last week and forgot to get by Central Market this weekend.

                                  Anyone know of any other way to get the 4th course voucher?

                                  1. re: Sbol

                                    You should still try Central Market. I went to the one on Lovers on the 13th, and they still had plenty of coupons. I didn't even have to buy anything. I just went to the information desk and asked for them.

                          2. I actually started calling the restaurants at the end of June. So I have my line-ups: Arcodoro & Pomodoro, Dragonfly, Hibiscus, Capital Grille, Abacus, Al Biernat's, and Sushi Samba. (yes, i have reservations at all those places, and I plan on going to every one of them!!)
                            We were at Abacus last year, and it was wonderful! Can't wait!!!

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                            1. re: chinarella

                              Umm, went to Sushi Samba last week and it was horrible. The atmosphere is great and there were a lot of good looking people, but the food was bad. I got the cucumber roll, which had the biggest hunks of cucumber in it, kinda hard to eat. Then I got the spicy tuna roll, tuna was hard to chew and the pieces where too big, the size of the fish would have been better if it was sashimi. But I am going to Arcodoro & Pomodoro, it looks wonderful!

                            2. I have reservations for:

                              1. We have had 2 solid RW experiences at Abacus, one of which (last yr) was absolutely stellar. We're going back this year, along with Bijoux, Craft and Stephan Pyles. I really wanted to try Suze and Nana as well, but just couldnt gorge myself that much! RW is too short ;)

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                                1. re: dg1873

                                  Some restaurants are extending for one and two more weeks....plenty of time to "eat well."

                                  1. re: dg1873

                                    Agree with dg1873 on the Abacus experience. We were there on Saturday night and were able to take advantage of our entire hour and a half seating time. The service staff is aware of the time constraint and is prompt throughout the evening to make sure you can fit in all your courses.

                                    The food was excellent. Starting with the fun lobster shooters (not as impressive as some seem to think, but admit it, it's fun), then onto the excellent appetizers (we tried crab cake and seared pork belly), then onto above average entrees (had salmon and beef filet), to yummy desserts (mint ice cream puff and dulche de leche banana bread pudding). I would definitely go back.

                                    We also did the recommended wine pairings for the meal at $25pp which were less than stellar. Odd combinations, some left nasty after tastes in my mouth. Very strange.

                                    For full review with photos: http://donnacooks.wordpress.com/2007/...

                                    Abacus is extending their RW and I would definitely recommend it. Skip the recommended wine pairings and just pick something off of the regular wine list.

                                  2. I was there too - 6pm seating. I thought that the food was ok... there were some nice elements, but it was not what I'd call impressive. As a positive, I can say that the scallops were perfectly prepared, and plentiful - 6 really big seared scallops served with 2 ribs and a lentil ragout. The ragout had small cubes of a vinegar gelee that I thought was a cool idea - it accented the rich meaty flavor of the lentils nicely. In contrast, the quality of the tuna in their tartare appetizer was substandard and they way way way overcharged for a very mediocre glass of pinot noir that was "chosen to pair well with the scallops".

                                    Oh... and I should mention the _5_ times that the emergency strobe lights came on, and the intercom loudly announced that the fire marshal was testing the alarm system on floors 22 and 23 (the restaurant was on 27), and that we should disregard the alarm. It was disruptive and we weren't offered any courtesy (comps or apologies) in response.

                                    So all in all, I thought that the food was good enough - and my server was very friendly - but the restaurant failed to impress me. I might go back someday, but not in any rush.

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                                      1. re: Webra1

                                        nope - Nana. I guess the removed the post that I was replying to. There was a comment of questionable taste, but basically the impression of Nana's Restaurant Week dinner was unfavorable.

                                        1. re: gavlist

                                          I wasn't that impressed with Nana either. I got the short rib as the entree and found it to be rather tough. I also thought the sauce it was in was too sour. I also have to agree with you on the quality and quantity of the wine pairing for the amount charged. I did enjoy both the strawberry and passion fruit desserts though.

                                    1. Went to N9NE this evening. food was good, but the RW menu left something to be desired. I know the RW menu is a limited menu, but I dined last year with more options. Apps: Iceberg Wedge or chilled cucumber soup. chose the soup, it was refreshing, but seemed more like a palette cleanser than a solid appetizer. Entrees: 6 oz Tenderloin with mashed potatoes or Salmon with bok choy. Tenderloin was nice..very tender and the mashed potatoes were nice as well. Dessert: no choice here...just bananas foster. Nice dessert, but nothing special, i make the same dessert at home in a snap.
                                      So, really the whole point of having a nice 3 course meal at a set price gets a bit lost here since the main course is the only one that's worth while. I would've like to have walked away feeling very pleased with all 3 courses.
                                      We did order a kobe carpaccio as an additional appetizer off the regular menu after seeing the RW offerings, and i will say that that was an exceptionally nice dish.

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                                      1. re: cheryl29

                                        This is exactly why I never do RW, because it seems that most restaurants do not do their best...and it's still not cheap...I would rather spend more and get their best, as well as choose the entree, etc, that I want...I really think that restaurants should offer their best, as those that do not have good experiences, will not return...When was the last time that I have read a bad review of York Street? Never...Only during RW, could this be possible, IMO

                                      2. i'm an LA chowhounder visiting the fiance in DFW and we went to Bijoux for restaurant week last night. here is the menu in general:

                                        1st: corn and coconut soup, some salad, or crispy pork belly
                                        2nd ($9 or free with central market 4th course coupon): seared scallops
                                        3rd: flat iron steak, salmon, or risotto
                                        4th: blue cheese or chocolate mouse

                                        both of us went for the crispy pork belly to start and it was AWESOME! i love pork belly and this was one of the better renditions i've had. definitely go for it instead of the soup or salad. next we had the scallops which along with the pork belly were the highlights of the meal. it had a bean and chorizo accompaniment which was very tasty and it was drizzled with some kind of very mild chili oil. my fiance had the steak which was only so-so, and i had the salmon which was very good (though not anything i would rave about - perfectly cooked, however i'm just not a huge salmon fan). next she had the mousse and i had the blue cheese. both were good. the cheese was extremely strong which i like but some may think it overkill. also of note, they gave us 3 free mini courses: a heirloom tomato gazpacho, a sorbet, and after dinner chocolates/pastries. excellent service, extremely attentive. we were thoroughly impressed and will have to go back soon. :)

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                                        1. re: lakeshow318

                                          We too were at Bijoux last night. Overall, we weren't impressed and probably won't go back.

                                          The pork belly was the best thing we had. The flat iron was very ordinary. The risotto didn't have a rich flavor, but just cheese (my companion thought it was horrible). I love cheese, but I want my risotto flavored with meat or chicken and/or mushrooms. I liked the blue cheese better than the risotto. Those little pastries were very good.

                                          We had lunch at York St. today. There was nothing that would compel us to return. I thought the mussels were pretty bad (the first time in my life I didn't finish the broth that comes with mussels), though the waiter was recommending it to everyone. The quail was very nondescript. We had lamb sausage and pork for the main course.

                                          The service was attentive at both restaurants, but we are into taste! We don't think we'll participate in the Restaurant Week next year. We'd rather blow $70 at our favorite restaurants.

                                          1. re: kuidaore

                                            Thus is the conundrum of RW. The concept is wonderful as is the cause, but the execution can leave something to be desired.

                                            I keep trying RW, but the only restaurant that has consistently delivered food and service equal to it's normal offerings has been Adelmo's. Since Adelmo's isn't on the hip list, not as many people are trying to cram in for meals and they can keep everything the same.

                                            After one particularly awful RW experience, I began to wonder why restaurants participate if they aren't going to give it their all - many people use RW to try out new places and if the first introduction isn't fabulous, they probably won't be back.

                                            We're going to Adelmo's as usual. We had a rabbit and gnocchi dish there last year that I'm still salivating over.

                                              1. re: dalaimama

                                                I agree with the restaurant week problem. We went to Nick and Sams 2 years ago; part of the table ordered the restuarant week menu, other's ordered off the regular menu. It was as if we were at two different restuarants -every dish on the restaurant week menu was vastly inferior to the regular menu. Good to know Aldemo's keeps up the standard.

                                              2. re: kuidaore

                                                I too did York Street, but for dinner on monday night. I thought it was a solid RW meal and I'll try and hit the highlights.

                                                Starters were the T.L.T. (salad with tuna "bacon" and really ripe tomato and lettuce with a kind of aioli on the side) and a roasted beet salad with nectarines, I think goat cheese and mint. Both were solid starters although we had to hunt for the tuna in the T.L.T. and the beet salad was served in a conspicuous stainless work bowl (not a bad touch, just made me feel a bit awkward with everyone else having nice plates).

                                                For the mains, we chose the buffalo and skate. Both were presented solidly, with the buffalo a rosy medium rare and the skate cooked perfectly, and were neither disappointing nor standout in their flavor combinations. What was a standout in my opinion was the CM 4th course option, a shared dish of pan fried okra and green tomato. the acidity of the tomato really gelled with the earthy tones of the okra. The dish was seasoned well and the okra wasn't at all slimy. I would have gladly consumed another plate's worth.

                                                Desserts consisted of a chocolate cupcake which was well done but not remarkable enough for me to be able to recount any of the specifics of the dish, and Maine (I think) blueberries with a lemon cake. Both Desserts were a good way to finish the meal.

                                                All in all I think the execution was spot on and the flavors ranged from challenging to forgettable depending on the dish. I think for the money we got a solid meal. Portions were adequate to ample and neither of us felt hungry or stuffed when we left.

                                                I tend to agree with the sentiment of the other posters that many restaurants squander the opportunity to make new customers during RW. All of the places I've been to have been first time visits and only one, the now closed Standard, really made me feel like I wanted to go back as a regular (York street was good, but not the home run that would make me spend money there regularly, Lanny's last year seemed like a phoned in effort).

                                                1. re: zmt

                                                  I did York Street Monday night. I completely agree with the above review. I did the chicken liver appetizer, duck scallopini, and bread pudding. All were delicious. I really appreciate how the many had so many choices. We had the extra central market coupons and had the side of fried okra with green tomatos, the mussels, and two extra chocolate cupcakes. We stuffed ourselves.

                                                  Can I put in a good word for Tucker? I had an execellent RW dinner there last night. Again we had the Central Market coupons and had the extra appetizer of tuna tartar. My three courses were lobster bisque, chicken with a delicious curry sauce, and a chocolate lava cake. They had some lovely choices. My friend had the duck spring rolls, short ribs (which were delicious, wasn't someone looking for these), and the tempura banana split. All very very good. They didn't have much of a crowd. So, it should be easy to get in if you want to. I will be going back for a meal in the future.

                                                  1. re: simply_victoria

                                                    Glad to hear it because we're going there on Tuesday. I was really excited to see that Chris Svalesen has turned up as the chef there. Let's hope he can keep this one going. He has had problems before with restaurants in odd locations and Tucker has suffered from the same problem. It's a fantastic neighborhood joint in search of a neighborhood.

                                                    1. re: dalaimama

                                                      I somehow missed that Svalesen is now there. That makes me really want to try this place. If anyone else has been there since he got there I wish they would post a review. He is definitely one of the most talented chefs in DFW.

                                            1. Went to Kenichi tonight. Pretty positive experience. The place was very loud though - my friend and I left with hoarse voice.

                                              There were 4 choices for app, 4 entrees choices, and 3 desserts. The 4th Central Market course has 3 choices (I think, but we didn't have the CM coupon). We were too busy talking so I didn't pay too much attention to the details.

                                              I had the beef/shitake/scallion roll for app. Basically it's beef on the outside, wrapping shitake and scallion in the middle. Not bad. Friend had the black cod miso which was more tasty than mine.

                                              We both ordered the sea bass agedeshi dofu for entree. Very tasty, though a bit too salty for my taste. Other entree choices include an lamb chop, and a sashimi sampler (I forgot what the other one was).

                                              Dessert was so-so.

                                              Portions were quite small. One probably will be full if one gets the 4th CM course.

                                              1. We went to Hibiscus tonight and I really enjoyed it. Their RW menu is a little different...we were a table of two and we shared one appetizer, one side and one dessert and each chose an entree. The split courses were served family style and there was more than enough food, but I had to compromise on the starter. The choices for the starter were baked Dungeness crab dip (which we had), bungalow salad or romaine salad; the entree choices were prime tenderloin & tomato (my choice), candied pecan crusted mahi mahi and the prime short rib (my boyfriend's choice); the sides were roasted garlic spinach, green beans or deep dish mac casserole (our choice) and for dessert, classic chocolate cake or the sour cream apple pie (we had the latter).

                                                I thought the food was very solid. My prime tenderloin was sprinkled with Pt. Reyes blue cheese crumbles and it was so tasty without overpowering the beef. At first I thought the mac & cheese was too rich, but the more I ate it, the more I liked it. My boyfriend said his short ribs were delicious as were the mashed potatoes. The restaurant is very comfortable and the service was attentive but a bit efficient because it was so busy due to RW. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely go back.

                                                1. Tried Craft. You get your money's worth. Nothing fancy here, just fresh, well prepared food. One of our better RW experiences.

                                                  Here's what you can choose for the main dish:

                                                  Scottish salmon - didn't try
                                                  Sea bass - perfectly cooked. Simple herb sauce served in tiny single-size cast iron skillet.
                                                  Braised short ribs - I'm no rib expert, but it was soaking in a rich broth, and the rib meat melts in your mouth. It was also served in a cute cast-iron pot.
                                                  Pork tenderloin w/ soy dressing and Japanese peppers - The sauce wasn't groundbreaking, but it was good. The pork was perfectly cooked and juicy. You also get a thick slice of pork belly (I think that's what it was. It was a thick chunk of fat with a small piece of melt in your mouth delicious fatty meat underneath.)

                                                  Here's what you automatically get - and they are served "Family Style" so that the whole table shares them. You get plenty (we had leftovers).

                                                  Bread & butter - standard, but fresh.

                                                  Salad with Gorgonzola dressing and roasted figs - Really fresh lettuce, perfect amount of dressing. Mixed feelings at the table on this one. There was a flavor on this that we couldn't pin down, but maybe was toasted walnut oil? I liked.
                                                  Heirloom tomato salad with roasted figs (with salt jell-o on the side) - Simple, good. Salt jell-o was neat.
                                                  Baby shrimp salad - Again, simple. Perfectly cooked in fresh mayo dressing. They melt in your mouth.

                                                  Side items:
                                                  Roasted veggies - Brocollini, asparagus, carrots, snap peas. Nicely roasted with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Good, but strange maple flavor on them.
                                                  Sauteed mushrooms - Nice variety of unusual mushrooms. Again, that maple flavor.
                                                  Fingerling potatoes - Standard, but perfectly cooked with garlic butter sauce.

                                                  Pannacotta with fresh berries - Rich, studded with real vanilla bean.
                                                  Chocolate torte w/ espresso sauce - Very strong espresso flavor. A bit dry, but tasty.
                                                  Assorted house made gelato (Peach, raspberry, almond, vanilla bean) - They were ok. Not as good as Pacuigo.
                                                  Brownie bites & caramel corn (comes after dessert) Cute - nothing special..

                                                  You also each get a certificate for $10 off your next lunch or brunch.

                                                  Service was quick and efficient, but waiter was devoid of any personality. He also didn't seem to know much about how anything was prepared.

                                                  Top-shelf drinks are $10-12, which seems to be the going rate at most restaurants lately. They are well made.

                                                  Atmosphere was modern and clean. Music is kept at a perfect level and it's very easy to have a conversation.

                                                  We plan on trying sometime next month for brunch and use our certificates.

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                                                  1. re: Webra1

                                                    Does anyone know what the rw menu is for Al Biernat's? Im going Saturday night.

                                                      1. re: donnaaries

                                                        I ended up canceling my reservation after seeing the menu. I can't believe there isn't an actual steak on the menu - just prime rib.

                                                        1. re: nimbusdog

                                                          We went last year and were also surprised that steak was not a choice. Everything was so unremarkable that I couldn't tell you what I had.

                                                          I understand they have to budget for RW, but even just a small steak...

                                                          I do remember that it was so loud that I had to shout the entire meal.

                                                          1. re: Webra1

                                                            Budget for RW is one thing, but not offering the dish that your whole restaurant is built around is a bit much. That menu looked like an upscale Luby's offering.

                                                            If you can't offer RW graciously, then don't participate. It's not mandatory.

                                                            1. re: Webra1

                                                              Did Al Biernat's on Friday night expecting the loud environment and sorry menu from all the postings on this board. We had a large table so it was difficult to change the reservation as most other places were booked. Agree with Webra1 that pretty much everything was unremarkable. Prime rib was standard, fish was dry, and my ravioli was just a mushy mess. It's not a meal I would spend $35 on despite what a great deal RW is suppose to be. The best plate all night was a coconut creme pie. And you can't justify a whole meal at a steak house for a slice of pie.

                                                              For photos and detailed review: http://donnacooks.wordpress.com/2007/...

                                                    1. Did anyone happen to dine at Stephen Pyles for RW? i have a group that wants to hit up one of the restaurants extending RW--Craft is sadly all booked up. Just wondering if SP is worth it, or actually any reccs on the extended restaurants. Looking for somewhere that offers a nice variety in the RW menu and doesn't go cheap with salad/ice cream for the 1st/3rd courses. Thanks for any info.

                                                      If anyone is still looking to do RW dining, I'll recommend Kenichi...they had plenty on the menu to choose from...the black cod, dynamite shrimp, and sea bass were all great. I still crave the black cod. My friend enjoyed the lamb chops. Go for the bread pudding for dessert..skip the hot balls..that was about the least enjoyable dessert i've ever had.

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                                                      1. re: cheryl29

                                                        We dined at Stephan Pyles on Friday night and would recommend it. If you are looking for variety in menu choices though, it's not for you. They have a set menu, so you don't get to choose anything. The first course consisted of a mixed greens salad with a sherry vinagrette. The salad had peaches in it that were wrapped in serrano ham and grilled.

                                                        The second course (Central Market course) was a seared red snapper filet on top of a bean sauce (sorry, but I forget the type of bean). I think this was an extra $9 if you don't have the coupon.

                                                        The third course was a grilled tenderloin with fingerling potatoes and asparagus. This was absolutely fabulous - the best course of the night.

                                                        Dessert, however, was a big disappointment. It consisted of a fig clafouti covered with sauteed blueberries and a side of icecream. The clafouti tasted like rotten eggs, and the blueberries were overpowering - too sweet/sour.

                                                        All in all, I'd still recommend Stephan Pyles. It's an excellent opportunity to try the place out if you haven't already.

                                                        1. re: nimbusdog

                                                          SP is booked as well. Guess i'm too late for most reservations. I don't know too much about the remaining restaurants that are extending.

                                                          --in reguards to my above post, i thought kenichi was on the list to extend , but it's not.

                                                      2. Just did Craft last night and both the food and value were superb. They have extended through the end of the month so call and get a table if you can! Appetizers were green sald with gorgonzola and fresh figs, baby shrimp with aioli, and heirloom tomato salad with baby basil - all 3 were fantastic. I had the pork for my entree which was perfectly cooked, companion had salmon which was also perfectly cooked. Desserts were outstanding, 2 sorbets (red currant and concord grape), 2 icecreams (vanilla bean and lemon), cream cheese panna cotta with berries, and chocolate tart with espresso sauce and cinnamon syrup. Also tried the tequila, grapefruit, and lime cocktail which was good, wine with dinner, and great coffee with dessert. All typified Craft's approach to food - high quality prepared without a lot of fanfare but delicious. Only downside was servers who initially tried to rush us, but they backed off when it became obvious I had no intention of speed eating through an excellent meal.

                                                        Went to fuse last week which was very disappointing.

                                                        1. Did anyone try out III Forks during RW? I'm a 'hound from SoCal, out here on business this week. I made reservations at III Forks for tonight to try out the RW menu, but was wondering if I should opt for that or just go with the regular menu.