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Jun 19, 2007 02:30 PM

Take-Along Appetizer for "Pot Luck" Dinner

I've been asked to bring an appetizer to a pot luck dinner next week. Although I can probably re-heat if I need to, most of the actual cooking will have to be done before I leave home. What would YOU bring if you were me?

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  1. Tomato bruschetta and olive tapenade in separate containers and a bag of toasted crostini. Bring a tray and assemble when you arrive.

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      On that line, you could also prep some ceviche and take with some tostadas. Just prep it almost before you go as to avoid over-marinating the fish.

    2. Beautiful asparagus is in season.

      A slice of proscuitto slathered with a little fine mustard. Wrap around a cooked asparagus spear.

      1. The night before the pot luck, get some french baguette(s) -- depending on how many you are going to serve -- slice down the length, hollow the baguette(s) out leaving about 1/4 inch layer of bread inside the crust.

        Make up a Greek-style tossed salad with pitted olives, and make the pieces smaller than usual but not quite diced/minced. Dress it with your favorite Greek dressing. put it into the baguettes, overstuffing somewhat.

        Close the baguette and wrap tightly in several layers of plastic wrap, tucking in any escaping salad bits inside the bread. Put in fridge until time to go to the party. Once there, gently unwrap and slice into 1" thick slices on a light diagonal -- not too sharp an angle, because it's more prone to fall apart then.

        Great, easy, tasty finger food appetizer.

        1. I'd probably make a dimsum and bring that.

          1. Different varieties of deviled eggs- herbed, wasabi, chipotle, curry, dijon, grainy mustard, etc.