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Jun 19, 2007 02:14 PM

Kid-friendly in GSO

My partner and I are coming to Greensboro Saturday to visit the science museum with his sister and her kids. The plan is to meet for lunch first.Is there any alternative to fast food in the area? It will probably have to be on Battleground since we're coming from the east and they from the west. Thanks!

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  1. A great option just off on Battleground is, Pie Works (located on Lawndale Drive/Pisgah Church Rd) which is the same street the Science Center is on. They have wonderful pizzas (and you can even create your own if you're that creative), breadsticks, and salad. One of my favorite parts of it is that they have Root Beer "on-tap". Enjoy!

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      Pie works is good I would also recommend Harper's in friendly center. You can google for a menu

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        But Harpers isn't very kid friendly, and they are more $$