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Jun 19, 2007 02:06 PM

Office lunch in Venice

I'm taking 2 summer associates at my firm to lunch tomorrow, and I'd like to go someplace in Venice so we can swing by the Pinkberry afterwards. We have a lunch budget of $30 per person (including tax/tip). I'd like to give them some delicious options. Food takes priority over atmosphere, but I'd still like to have as much atmosphere as possible.

Any suggestions?

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      1. re: PlatypusJ

        Definitely Joe's for the great food (and it's closest to Pinkberry).

    1. The rose cafe (on rose, duh) is a nice pretty outdoor restaurant. Food is decent. Some people love it, but I don't. Poached salmon, quiches, lots of salads, that kind of place. Semi historic and pretty though.

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      1. re: logan

        I like Rose Cafe -- simple, reliable, nice setting. Lilly's on Abbot Kinney is another option. Both of these options are second behind Joe's -- that's the head of the class in the Venice area.

        1. re: glutton

          Love Rose and Lilly's as well as James' Beach and 26 Beach suggested below.

      2. Try the garden at 26 Beach restaurant. 3100 Washington Blvd.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          26 Beach is also closer to the Marina Del Rey Pinkberry at Lincoln & Maxella, not walking distance, but just a few blocks.

          I also love to get a burger and beer at Hal's - almost across the street from the Venice Pinkberry. Lilly's is nice too, if you aren't looking for burgers and beer :)

        2. Please let us know how it was wherever you end up going!

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          1. re: mollyomormon

            Thanks everybody! We ended up going to Joe's. Loved it! I got the salmon, which was crispy on the outside and pink on the inside, just the way I like it. Also had the leek soup which I enjoyed. The summers had salmon and a shrimp dish. VERY reasonably priced! There was more than enough money left over in our budget for Pinkberries.