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Jun 19, 2007 02:05 PM

My Kingdom for Your Peach Salsa Recipe

Hello, my name is ExercisetoEat and I'm addicted to Trader Joe's Peach Salsa.

Unfortunately I live hundreds of miles from the nearest TJ's and am forced to ship, schlep, and beg relatives to send jars now and then. I would trade just about anything for a recipe that can come close to the perfectly sweet, tangy, spicy, fire-roasted goodness that is making me drool on my keyboard just thinking about it. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes that they could part with? I would thank you profusely and often!

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  1. Last year I tried to replicate TJ's peach salsa and ended up with pretty decent results. I am planning on trying it again this year and I would be happy to let you know how it goes. If memory serves me correctly (and I am kicking myself for not taking notes when I did it last year) I loosely followed this recipe
    I skipped the pears and just doubled the peaches. I think I used both white and yellow peaches, but the yellow were the best, esp for color so I think I will just stick with them this time around. I am pretty sure I used a comination of fresh tomatos and canned diced ones and I think I will go primarily with the canned ones this year. I hate random tomato skins in my salsa and I reserve my peeling patience for the peaches leaving none to spare on tomatos. I also skipped the licking spice but added a few cloves of diced garlic instead, as well as a bunch of puree from a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Also, go easy on the vinegar and sugar, start with half the reciped amount and then add it to taste. I know last time I added too much vinegar and was trying to cut the acid with more sugar but not end up with salsa that was too sweet and it was a bit of a chemistry experiment.
    I am going to try to take actual notes and make quantifications this time around but I would say that the chipotles, vinegar and sugar should all be added to taste. Not that it is a giant burden to be tasting this delish stuff constantly as you are making it... but I really think it is the best way to get all of the flavors correct. I also might use cider vinegar instead of white for a slightly milder flavor.
    So, its certainly not a tried and true recipe, but it certainly works well if you have the patience to tweak it a bit so that it ends up being the closest replication your kitchen can do. You can probably give it a test run on a half or quarter recipes since that one makes a pretty large amount. I froze a bunch last year but am planning to make a huge vat and can it this year. I just moved back to Canada where there are no TJ's and I NEED MY FIX!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps!