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Jun 19, 2007 01:50 PM

Trader Joe's Party Food?

I know there are no shortage of TJ's threads on this site, but I didn't see one that was specific to party food. I'm having about 30 people over in a couple weeks and was wondering if there were any appetizer-ish, finger-food-ish things that anyone would specifically recommend from TJ's. My SO dies for the hummus, so we'll definitely have that, and probably chips and salsa - what else should we get?

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  1. TJ's has a feta dip that is great. I think it's got roasted peppers in it. My SO loves their frozen bags of pot stickers, and they have a ginger dipping sauce in the jarred aisle. Their frozen spanikopita's not bad either.

    1. They sell the little Okami sushi packs which will always do in a pinch. Also I recommend ALL of their chips. Bean chips, black bean chips, salt & vinegar, plain kettle style... all delish with either their salsa, garlic hummus or onion dip. (yes it's just like Lipton). Great dried fruit and nuts and a good selection of cheeses.

      1. Try the Vegetable Bird's Nest. It's in the frozen aisle and all you do is bake it until it's crispy and serve with the accompanying sauce. I also like the Mushroom Turnovers(also frozen), but everyone isn't a fan of mushrooms. The Marinated Mozzarella Balls are great to have on hand, alone or with with slices of fresh baguette. I almost forgot my favorite and this has always been a hit for me, the Pesto Sundried Tomato or Cranberry Gorgonzola Torta. It's a molded round base of cream cheese, topped with either pesto & sundried tomatoes or the gorgonzola cheese with tart dried cranberries. All you do is invert it onto a plate and serve with crackers.

        1. I like thier chicken coconut curry spring rolls (freezer section) and I bake them and cut them on an angle(pretty presentation) and serve them with TJ's green curry simmer suace warmed. Do NOT buy the lemon grass spring rolls, they are gross.

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            I second all of this recommendation.

          2. The fiesta dip is awesome. So is the frozen spinach and artichoke dip. The cheeses are always great to put out. I love the stilton with cranberry.

            I also like to cut the frozen pizzas in thin slices to serve.