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Jun 19, 2007 01:49 PM

Ice Cream Off of 91

Like everyone posting, I am also on a quest for great ice cream. Going up to northern VT and looking for some ice cream stops along the way. Stopping at Herrells in Northampton and while in Vt, we always go to Ben & Jerrys(although, not the same anymore). So, any recs will be greatly appreciated!

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    1. re: Jestner

      We will be starting in northern westchester county, about 30 mins from Danbury Ct.

      1. re: xecuchef

        Not great, but better than the store. I think both use Hersey (no relation to choclate bar company) Ice Cream

        Hartland Frosty Whip- off from I-91 exit 9 head north on Route 5 or Twist and Scoop off from exit 9 head south into Windsor

        1. re: RudyH

          Wentworth's in Hmden, Ct (Rt 10). It's not right off 91, but well worth the 15-20 extra minutes. It's like how you wish Ben & Jerry's would be. Very rich & creamy.

          1. re: jwolf

            Actually - the reason I asked was to see if Wentworth's, Sweet Claudes, Ashleys, etc. would be on the way. But they aren't so much

            If the OP is driving along 84, then maybe Big Dipper in Prospect would be the closest/best option. If you want to make a ice cream tour - goto Big Dipper in Prospect, Sweet Claudes in Cheshire, and Wentworths in Hamden. You could also throw in Scooples in Cheshire, Ashleys in Hamden, and Pralines in Wallingford.

            But, if I were doing the drive, I wouldnt even be coming across on 84 - so this is perhaps all water under the bridge.

    2. If you can figure out some way to re-route using 93, Bishop's Ice Cream in Littleton NH is really good, not as good a Herrell's but close.

      1. Exit 2 in VT Right onto rt. 9 Chelsea Royal about 3 miles up

        1. Flayvors in Hadley, Ma. An IC place in the middle of a dairy farm.

          1. Smyth's in Enfield, CT. I don't know the exact location but they have the best soft serve I've had in New England. Get it sprinkled with the toasted almond coating.....mmmm.